Vision/Mission of Dheya

Dheya is on the path to impact the lives of 1,64,80,000 children in India by 2021. This is 1% of the extrapolated population of India in 2030 ( 164 crores). We believe that each child is unique and has unlimited latent talent and potential which needs to be unleashed to achieve the highest goals in life. We facilitate this process using scientific methods and processes which have been indigenously developed at Dheya and patented. Human potential is as diverse and spread as million shades of grey between black and white, and we do not believe that only a psychometric test or any other aptitude test is sufficient to determine the career direction in a child’s life. Dheya’s processes are well conceived and extremely interactive and exhaustive involving the child, parents and grand parents( if applicable) and are based on a patented “Dheya 7D model” and “Dheya’s 13 factors”. Dheya is focussed on ensuring the greatest happiness and success rates to children in India as they step into the world of work . This will be our contribution to “Make in India” or rather “made in India” as our children will be the most productive and creative children in the world. Even if 1% of the children whom we mentor and facilitate make it to super-successful careers, the others will also be successful and happy and overall, we would have achieved our vision of making Young India a Happy India.

Our Process

Dheya has a systematic process of career guidance and mentoring which involves both the child and the parents, who have to spend specified duration of time in one-to-one sessions with our senior Career Development Facilitators and then the decision taken by the child and the parents is facilitated using Dheya Tools and Processes as well as the joint discussions held between the facilitator and the child & parents. A 7D model is used for this career guidance and planning process which is patented by Dheya. The process followed is graphically represented in the images below. The focus is always on the child and personalized possibilities based on a “occupational research” database is suggested to the child and parents. Further, the research on the occupations is facilitated and the child and parents take a conscious decision as to what the child wants “TO BE” in life. Thereafter, the career and education road map ( a actionable 36 month development plan prepared for each month with specific activities such as skill upgradation, book review, course etc.) is prepared after understanding the personal and family aspirations. Again, exhaustive interactive one-on-one sessions are held as well as homework done by the child and the parents, for this phase. Then Dheya further facilitates the follow-up programs with the child and parent to enable the child to develop success habits and achieve the goals set in life.