Dheya offers its personalized services and programs catering to the unique career decision making requirements of the students as well as professionals in corporate and government services across India.


Choosing the right career is not about giving a few aptitude tests, but to understand the vast career choices available to an individual

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Evolve Programs

Building the right habit and mindset at an early age, inculcate the right thought process, imbibe discipline, consistency and persistence, the most important ingredients to strive for success and be successful.
Dheya Evolve Programs are aimed at inculcating the right habits at an early age, which go a long way.

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Corporate and Government Services

Corporate and Government Institutions primary need is to assess and map the right individual to the right job, ensure that the organization is well structured, productive and motivated.

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Career Awareness Initiatives

Dheya conducts various workshops for students of different age groups

  • Assess and know their strength, abilities and potential
  • To create awareness and understanding about the world of work
  • Understand the different career with a futuristic view
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Dheya provides customized products and services for various needs of schools and Institutions for assessment and career guidance & planning of students, as well as to map what career and courses should an individual choose based on the their abilities, interest and personality..

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Working Professional

Dheya provides following services for professional facing mid career delimma. As a professional you have adequate experience and possess multiple skills, abilities and have mature personalities. Dheya can assist in understanding yourself and your true potential for a happy, successful work life…

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