Thinking Skills (Dheya Aalochana)

Thinking Skills (Dheya Aalochana)… Most of the times, like our behaviour, our thinking depends on what exposure and experiences we get. Since our childhood, we are exposed to particular ways of behaving and thinking through our parents, grandparents, other relatives and a little later our teachers and peers. Gradually, we become habitual to that path of thought process and see everything from the same point of view, which many a times fails to give us solutions when we have to solve some problems or becomes inadequate for making a firm decision.

At Dheya, we nurture the thinking skills by conducting workshops, focused on conscious & sub-conscious thinking patterns & decision making process for an individual helping them inculcate the right habits for decision making & positive thinking.

Nurture Thinking Skills

Exercises and activities are conducted which emphasize the following attributes:-

  • Thinking and knowing
  • Power of thinking
  • Types of thinking
  • Perception and thinking relation
  • Tools for thinking
  • Application of thinking
  • Power of visioning

Benefits of Thinking Skills:

  • Thinking skills inspires understanding and brings imagination.
  • Good thinking helps to digest learning and encourages you to learn more.
  • It will encourage critical and purposeful thinking.
  • It will help you adapt to the change in future without being disturbed.
  • It’s the way to knowledge and education that lasts.

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