Why Dheya Discover?

Dheya provides online psychometric career assessment, guidance & planning. Career makes you or breaks you. So, do not take chances. Planning career and taking quality career guidance can be fruitful in a number of ways. It will not only set a career path for you, but also will change your dreams into reality. Moreover, you tend to explore a profession that you like and do not need to compromise on your dreams. So, give meaning to your life by choosing the right career path with us. Understand your strengths and make yourself more confident and sure about your future career possibilities.

What Is Dheya Discover?

  1. A psychometric career assessment test taken by children above the age of 13 years (8th standard onward) which has 4 sections pertaining to Knowing yourself, Ability assessment, Personality assessment, and Interests’ assessment. The duration of this test is approximately 2 hrs and 30 min. The output of this test is a 20 page report which explains the personality of the child, the abilities and the interest areas, and accordingly recommends preference of career streams.
  2. Based on the assessment test given by the candidate, this is the Level 1 session where the report is explained to the candidate in a one-one career counseling session with a trained and experienced Career Development Facilitator/ Career Counselor.
  3. The report is a 20 pages report comprising mainly of the personality assessment, interests assessment and the ability assessments of the candidate and based on these three areas, suitable career streams are suggested & advised.
  4. The duration of this session is approximately sixty minutes.
  5. In this session, the life and career development stages will be explained and all the strengths of the candidate are explained by the facilitator and listed down by the candidate. Based on all these strengths and the overall assessment of the candidate, four occupations are recommended to the candidate.
  6. The occupation database with all its details of the work field, type of work, jobs, tasks, etc. have been developed with years of experience and research in the industry and is being constantly updated by professionals at Dheya.
  7. At the end of the session, the candidate will be asked if he/she would like to take up the next level viz. Dheya Compass or the Career Guidance.

How Does It Work?

What do you gain by taking the test?

  1. Identify and understand your inherent strengths.
  2. Select the appropriate career streams which will add value to your life.
  3. It will eliminate confusion and help you take proactive career decisions yourself with confidence.
  4. Enable the right selection early in life to plan and be successful through your work life of 40+ years.
  5. Identify & understand what career options are available in science, commerce & arts after 10th & 12th standards.


  1. Online Career Assessment Test.
  2. 20 pages Assessment Report.
  3.  1 Personalized Session – 60 Mins.
  4. One to One – Documented.
  5. 1 Follow-up Session of 30 minutes.
  6.  Stream Selection & choice.
  7. 10 pages customized booklet.

Career Assessment Benefits

Understand yourself better and list down all your inherent strengths.

Emphasizes on the type of environment, job role and task, which you can handle successfully.

Helps to analyze the career choices that are suitable for you

Helps you figure out the necessary skills you need to possess for that career and also what you need to focus on to achieve it.

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Products Comparison

Dheya Discover

  •           1.   Career Assessments
  •           2.   20 Pages Assessment Test Report
  •           3.   1 Personalized Session - 60 Mins
  •           4.   One to One - Documented
  •            5.   1 Follow-up Session
  •            6.   Stream Selection & choice
  •    5,999/-

Dheya Compass

  •                1.   Career Assessments
  •                2.   20 Pages Assessment Test Report
  •                3.   1 Personalized Session - 120 Mins
  •                4.   One to One - Documented
  •                5.   2 Follow-up Session
  •                6.   Career Research
  •                7.   Subject Matter Expert Support
  •                8.   Parents Involved
  •                9.   Dheya Alumni Membership
  •    9,999/-

Dheya Navigator

  •                1.   Career Assessments
  •                2.   20 Pages Assessment Test Report
  •                3.   3 Personalized Session - 7 Hours
  •                4.   Face to Face - Documented
  •                5.   Lifelong Support
  •                6.   Career Research & Development Plans
  •                7.   Subject Matter Expert Support
  •                9.   Creative Visualisation
  •                9.   Dheya Alumni Membership
  •  10.  10 year Career Plan & 36 Month Development Plan
  •    17,599/-

Frequently Asked Questions

We Assess the students on their cognitive abilities (aptitudes), Interests and Personality. We have developed our proprietary scientific and research based Tools and techniques to help the kids and their parents understand. The assessments can be taken both ONLINE and using pap
This test is for anybody who has completed 12 years of age and is seeking clarity in career choices and decisions
An aptitude is an innate, acquired or learned or developed component of a competency (the others being knowledge, understanding and attitude) to do a certain kind of work at a certain level. Aptitudes may be physical or mental. The innate nature of aptitude is in contrast to achievement, which represents knowledge or ability that is gained. Tests to check the ability and aptitude of the individual to a certain types of Jobs/occupations/ field of education is called aptitude tests.

Aptitude Test: It gives only direction in terms of abililites. It tests only few abilities.

IQ Test: IQ = mental age /real age. It changes with cultural biases. It gives limited information.

Dheya Test: It involves interests, abilities, personality and 13 more factors.

Fixation without understanding core interest of child is dangerous.
Career assessments and tests can be highly beneficial if used correctly, with the assistance of a professional counselor/guide or an expert with caution. The big payoffs are better understanding of your own personality, abilities and interests, career needs and possibilities based on who you actually are, discovering all the alternatives that could work for you, and then making well-informed career decisions from among the choices you have.
We conduct assessment in simple English, Hindi and Marathi.7 out of 10 assessments are pictorial & numerical in nature.
You will have to buy the authorization code. All the instructions are given in the letter that comes along with the code. It’s absolutely simple and easy. Also you can call on our helpline+91 99234 00555 or write to us on care@dheya.com if you need help.
It takes an hour and 40 minutes, however one can give the test by taking breaks in between. It is advisable to take a break after 8th or 9th test.
Once we get a call/mail from you confirming about the completion of test , we will send the report within next 2 hours.
Yes. Just login again using the link sent on your mail use the user id, password and authorization code and start from the section where you left it. Or you can call us on our helpline number between 9 am to 7 pm Monday to Saturday.
You will have to give the assessments online over the internet. If internet is not available at your home, you could use a cyber cafe or a friend’s PC where there is an internet connection with a good speed. In some locations we do have a facility to appear for the assessments offline
Every student stepping into college/last years of school comes with a series of expectations about their career. Though the aspirations are on higher side, they are actually confused about making the right career choices which suits their personality, interests, inherit abilities and aptitudes. Their decisions have strong peer and environmental influence. We at Dheya have developed an assessment program that assesses personality, abilities, interests and aptitude of the student and suggest careers from 600+ careers studied by us. This will enable students to know their potential and the direction to take in future.