What Dheya Discover?

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The duration of this session is approximately forty five minutes. This session is basically aimed at explaining the report of the assessment test and providing recommendations for occupation and career streams and four choices are given in order of preference as the output of this report. Based on the assessment test given by the candidate, this is the Level 1 session where the report is explained to the candidate in a one-one counselling session with a trained and experienced Career Development Facilitator. The report is a 19 page report comprising mainly of the personality assessment, interests assessment and the ability assessments of the candidate and based on these three areas, suitable career streams are suggested. In this session, the life and career development stages will be explained and all the strengths of the candidate are explained by the facilitator and listed down by the candidate. Based on all these strengths and the overall assessment of the candidate, four occupations are recommended to the candidate. The occupation database with all its details of the work field, type of work, jobs, tasks, etc. have been developed with years of experience and research in the industry and is being constantly updated by professionals at Dheya. At the end of the session, the candidate will be asked if he/she would like to take up the next level viz. Dheya Compass or the Basic Career Plan.