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The aptitude tests are developed by psychologists and behavioral scientist, where a few of them are timed strictly and a few are not. There are definite answers, which needs to be selected honestly by the student. After the completion of test, the career match engine that comprises of more than 600 career streams, evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the student and generates a report, which suggests careers and education streams to the student.

It is a unique methodology that comprises of psychometric tools measuring multiple abilities and intelligence and inventories measuring the career interests, work values and skills to help you discover your true callings. You explore about yourself, discover your talents and improve where you need to at an early age, so that you become perfect at them when you grow up.

It is always better to know who you are and what you will want to become at an early stage of life than never or at a later stage. So, to be truly successful, besides a good educational foundation, you need proper assessment of what your hidden talents are and a sincere guidance to help you channelize those talents towards a fulfilling career.


The learning outcome of Career & Aptitude are as:

  • Analyze your strengths and find the exact career path.
  • Make wise career choices and able to give value to your education.
  • It will eliminate confusion and help you take proactive decisions yourself.
  • Get a list of professions and educational streams required to pursue that profession.
  • Help you to sort out the possible professions and make a decision that you would cherish.