Why Dheya Compass?

Planning a career is extremely important to discover the talent within you and to determine goals accordingly. It helps you take a path you are made for. Each person is unique and has several attributes and talents. Competency mapping of the student is done based on the Personality, interests and ability. The understanding of various suitable career streams & career options is important prior to preparing a plan.

How Does It Work?

What do you gain by taking the test?

  1. Helps to analyze the career options that are suitable for you.
  2. It extracts the real talent and strength of a student.
  3. Clarity of goals.
  4. The student makes thoughtful career choices and education choices.
  5. The student takes charge of his or her career path and yields positive
    results in academics and in life.


  1. Online Assessment test.
  2. 20 pages Assessment Report.
  3. 1 Personalized Session – 120 Mins.
  4. One to One – Documented.
  5. 2 Follow-up Session of 30 minutes each.
  6. Career Research.
  7. Subject Matter Expert Support.
  8. Dheya Alumni Membership.
  9. 43 pages Career Guidance customized booklet.

Career Guidance Benefits

It extracts the real talent and strength of a student.

The student makes thoughtful career and education choices.

The student gets a direction & Clarity of goals.

The student takes charge of his or her career and yields positive results in academics and in life.

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Products Comparison

Dheya Discover

  •           1.   Career Assessments
  •           2.   20 Pages Assessment Test Report
  •           3.   1 Personalized Session - 60 Mins
  •           4.   One to One - Documented
  •            5.   1 Follow-up Session
  •            6.   Stream Selection & choice
  •    5,999/-

Dheya Compass

  •                1.   Career Assessments
  •                2.   20 Pages Assessment Test Report
  •                3.   1 Personalized Session - 120 Mins
  •                4.   One to One - Documented
  •                5.   2 Follow-up Session
  •                6.   Career Research
  •                7.   Subject Matter Expert Support
  •                8.   Parents Involved
  •                9.   Dheya Alumni Membership
  •    9,999/-

Dheya Navigator

  •                1.   Career Assessments
  •                2.   20 Pages Assessment Test Report
  •                3.   3 Personalized Session - 7 Hours
  •                4.   Face to Face - Documented
  •                5.   Lifelong Support
  •                6.   Career Research & Development Plans
  •                7.   Subject Matter Expert Support
  •                8.   Creative Visualisation
  •                9.   Dheya Alumni Membership
  • 10.  10 year Career Plan & 36 Month Development Plan
  •    17,599/-

Frequently Asked Questions

A career is the total of our work activities—at home, at work, our education and in our extra curricular activities. A career also includes the time we spend learning new things. Even if you don’t think you have a career, you do! And you don’t have to be in certain occupations to have a career. Anyone who has spent time working at anything has a career.
Anybody who is above 12 years and completed our assessment test is eligible for our career guidance program.

Earlier the better, every year you spend in education is an investment towards the future, if you invest right, you will reap good fruits, and one wrong decision can have disastrous effect on LIFE.

While every student has his personal assets (personality traits, interests and abilities / aptitudes), every career has its own demands of abilities and personality. We at Dheya match the individual’s strengths to the career demands so that from the early stage of life so that the student can focus on certain career options being aware of his Personal strengths

Career Guidance involves personalizing information to suit the particular needs of the individual. Unlike advising, guidance is about gaining specific information about you by means of formal and informal assessment/ testing processes and then providing information chosen for its relevance to your career needs. Interaction between Career Advisors and their clients often takes the form of a one on one discussion.
Dheya gets your parents involved in the career guidance and planning process. Since your parents are one of the stake holders in your education and career, their participation till the age of 18 is a must. Our Career guidance process is well researched and scientific. Our career advisors are well trained and have the ability to help all the stake holders reach consensus over the career plan.
Education is just a path towards career and not a career in itself.
Earlier the better. Early you plan you are well equipped to take on challenges in future. Also with a certain direction you will be equipped to move on further in this competitive world.
If you follow the steps outlined by Dheya, you will certainly significantly increase your chances of identifying and securing your “dream” career. It will require some investment of time and effort, and the paybacks are likely to be enormous. Avoid the urge to cut short the process. We at Dheya have specially designed a process that will not only help you explore what assets you hold but also hand hold you in being successful in your career.
Followed by assessments, our Career Advisors meet personally with the parents and the child and complete the process of career guidance. There would be TWO sessions on 1.5 hours – 2 hours each in a gap of 2-3 days between the sessions. The entire process is developed scientifically and has proven results.
We will help your kid know his potential scientifically at an earlier age so that he utilizes every bit of it to build a great future. Our program helps your kid to focus on what his strengths and utilize all energies to focus towards the goal he decided. The earlier you get the career guidance and career assessment program done, you can focus your efforts, investments and time in the direction that will produce higher return in education
By defining clear goal for your child it will not only help improve parent child relationship but will also help you plan your finances accordingly.
No in fact it will reduce pressure because your child will be focused on what he/she actually likes.