How Does Dheya Compass Work

How Does Dheya Compass Work 2018-06-07T09:31:10+00:00


The career guidance program is built for those who are confused about their career path and even for those who have made a decision about their career but do not know how to achieve them. The reason being, it does not matter what you do today, until and unless you know about where you are going. Thus, Career guidance is basically meant for helping you understand your personal assets, strengths and identify a career path that suits you the best. You are also introduced to 600 career streams to know the career and occupational category and a number of career options to select from.


Identify a career path and define your goals from the initial stage

Choosing a career at a young age allows a student to follow a set path and plan his or her goals. This helps them to focus on their strengths, enjoy what they like and identify what can make them happy forever. Our career and aptitude tests are designed to analyze the personality, abilities and interest level of a student. It encapsulates everything in an accurate way that finding a right profession becomes easier. So, if you want to choose a career which not only assures success but long term satisfaction, then give it a try today and build a beautiful tomorrow !


You make right career choice and save on efforts, time and money, which would have been spent if the career choice was not right. Discussing the reports with the counselors give you insight about your personal strengths and abilities, which you can always utilize through out your life.