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This is the Second Level of career planning also termed as the “Basic Career Plan”. In this level, the facilitator has a 2 hours session with the candidate and the parents. This session commences with a basic orientation of the background of the parents, and an informal chat with the child. The child is made to understand the importance of sincere efforts and planning for the next 5-6 years of life and what impact it would have on the next 40 years of work life. The theory of entries into higher education as well as entry into work life is then explained, which is followed by the Model for Career Success. There are Work Books which are given to the candidate and then the report is analysed in terms of the various strengths of the child and the child starts writing down all the key words pertaining to the inherent strengths. Based on the strength areas, the candidate then lists down all competencies as dictated by the Facilitator. From these competencies the eight top most competencies are then listed on the earmarked page, which are the core strengths of the child. Based on these core strengths, four areas of occupation / career streams are decided by the Facilitator based on the occupational data available at Dheya. For each of these four occupational streams, the field of work, type of work, and the Post graduate and undergraduate courses that need to be done for the entry into the specific career are identified and listed down. Working backwards, the entry stream required for XII standard is identified and listed. Thus the direction for preparation to enter into each of these four career areas is worked out and listed in the worksheet. The child will be given a “Career Research Workbook” and a link to the “Occupation database output” pertaining to these four career streams. The child will have to now do a detailed research on all these career streams and prepare a presentation in PowerPoint on these four career streams. After approximately two weeks, the child is expected to upload the presentations on the site and mention the career stream selected by the child. This will mark the completion of the Basic Career Plan. The child/ parents will have the option to take up the next level or the Advanced Career Plan at this stage.