Why Dheya Compass

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For a child, 12 to 18 years of age are formative and definitive. At this particular age, if he/ she gets loving attention and proper guidance, the child can know and build on his/ her strengths and capabilities and can find enormous options and opportunities to decide a career. This helps the child to get the confidence required to walk on success path.

Finding a career that suits you is the key to long term success and happiness. By recognizing and using your talent assets, you can also open the door to more opportunities. With our career assessment tools, we will help you in finding you exactly what keep you motivated and where does your talent lie. Our Assessments build a profile of yours that comprehensive and detailed. Our tools are tested on the Indian population and are normed accordingly. Also they hold high reliability coefficients.

If you completely depend upon your own understanding, then it will narrow down your career plans. Thus, taking the assistance from experts and professional career counselors can help you broaden your career search and give many options, which you will love to explore. Instead of one opportunity, you will find various opportunities that would keep you happy forever. Moreover, once your education is completed in a particular stream, then you will be sure about what to do with your life. Your education is not limited to a single profession. You actually have endless options, but you lack awareness.

So who helps you to be aware? Yes, the answer is Dheya. We, at Dheya offer you solutions and options, which will prepare you well in advance about your career path. There are new perspectives and greater possibilities for every stream. So whether you choose science, commerce or arts, there is a complete bunch of career opportunities that will answer all your questions.


The outcome of this guidance session is clarity of goals and purpose of the career choice. Another major outcome is awareness of the child about his/ her personal assets which can be used for succeeding in career and life.