How Does Dheya Navigator Works

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How We Execute Career Planning Successfully:

Our counselors and professional experts help students to discover their strengths, dreams and passion. We conduct sessions where students learn to take personal ownership of their career and start planning about their career in a right manner. We do this by implementing a scientific and proven methodology that can do wonders when it comes to choosing a career path. We possess a strong research base of more than 21 reliable psychometric tools, 600 career streams, 250 educational streams, where we help your child to succeed exceptionally. Our career planning procedure is a cut above the rest. Benefits of our career planning procedure:

  • The student gets a direction.
  • It extracts the real talent and strength of a student.
  • Clarity of goals.
  • The student builds positive habits.
  • The student makes thoughtful career and education choices.
  • The student takes charge of his or her career and yields positive results in academics and in life.
  • Eliminates confusion and stress.
  • Plan ahead to stay ahead.

Our Career Development Facilitators do not follow a monotonous or boring approach. They use high impact coaching methods, reliable psychometric assessments, conduct interesting and result oriented personal and small group exercises. Thus, it develops the interest of the students and offers them ways to find a satisfying career path.


Benefits are that you are sure to reach where you want to!! The fail proof plans give you varied options to reach there. Secondly, you have enough time in hand to prepare on skills, knowledge and funds required fulfilling your dream. Lot of ambiguous efforts and time can be saved and focus more on the target.