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Majority of career failures or dropouts are due to non-compatibility of interests, abilities and personality of the person which is a big mismatch with the career he has chosen. Unplanned careers have made many individual re-start after investing huge sums of money, effort and time in education areas that have not yielded them enough returns. It not only wastes your precious time but also makes people disinterested at times.

Thus, with proper career planning, we can avoid dead end careers. We can avoid abrupt re-starts. We can focus and channelize our energies to make it big in the area of choice.

Planning your career basically starts at the age of 13 however it’s never too late in life to plan ahead. A well-planned career helps us to achieve our goals and dreams.

As time passes by, we grow and our needs change. Therefore, to keep pace with the future, we need to plan well ahead. It helps us to make many adjustments along the way as we keep learning throughout our lives. Successful people are those who have adopted a proper career plan.

The career planning program is built for those who are confused about their career path and even for those who have made a decision about their career but do not know how to achieve them. The reason being, it does not matter what you do today, until and unless you know about where you are going. Thus, Career planning is basically meant for helping you understand your personal assets, strengths and identify a career path that suits you the best. You are also introduced to 600 career streams to know the career and occupational category and a number of career options to select from.

So, you can plan your career in advance and give meaning to your education so you stay on the right track.


What’s expected?

Focus and commitment towards achieving the goals is a result of gaining absolute clarity in understanding personal potential and future career goals. We at Dheya, has developed an outstanding career planning process to help your child align his or her personal strengths and clearly define the career aspirations.

The earlier you plan, the greater will be the clarity of career goals in your child. This will give you more time to stay focused and help your child to be goal oriented. Moreover, the overall development of your child will also prosper. Certainly, a planned approach and early start would build greater probability of success and give you complete peace of mind about your child’s future.