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Community Driven Career Guidance & Development Organisation

Dheya is premier Career Guidance and Planning organisation working with a self-developed Psychometric tool, which is completely validated to Indian norms and is statistically proven. Dheya has its own processes based on positive inspired by BhagwadGita and Upanishads and is focused on giving Decision-making solutions to students, parents and professionals based solely on their inherent strengths.
Dheya has created a community of certified and trained senior professionals who are Dheya Career Mentors who impact the population with these unique positive processes and energise the youngsters to achieve excellence in their life.
This community uses the thorough research on more than 22,000 occupations in the technology-based system developed by Dheya, to deliver the career guidance and planning services.

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Career Solution For Every Career Need

Dheya Compass

Career Planning Program
For 13-20 Age Group Students

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Dheya Navigator

Premium Career Plan & Life Mentoring
For 13-20 Age Group Students

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Dheya Cast-Off

Early Career Design
For 25-30 age group professionals

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Dheya Revive

Mid-Career Planning
For 31+ age group professionals

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Career Development Process

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Career Development Research

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