12 Everyday Habits That Make You Smarter
May 09, 2024

Intelligence is a highly valuable trait that can positively impact every aspect of our lives. While some people are naturally gifted, anyone can develop their intelligence through consistent practice and the right habits. In this blog, we’ll explore 12 everyday habits that can make you smarter than you think.

🧠 The Power of Intelligence

Intelligence is a highly valuable trait that positively impacts personal, professional, and social aspects of life. It involves understanding knowledge, solving problems, generating ideas, and critical thinking. Psychological studies consistently prove that intelligence influences success, relationships, and societal development. Highly intelligent individuals contribute to meaningful, long-term goals, earn respect, and drive human progress.

The Greatest Minds in History

Throughout history, the greatest minds have transformed the world through their discipline, courage, and relentless pursuit of knowledge. From creative innovators to scientists and engineers, these individuals changed the course of history by using their intelligence to the fullest.

🧠 Intelligence Is Malleable

Intelligence isn’t fixed and can be developed through consistent effort and the right habits. People like Albert Einstein, who was once labeled a “slow learner,” demonstrated that high intelligence can be cultivated through stimulating the mind and pushing intellectual boundaries. With dedication and the appropriate practices, anyone can enhance their intelligence and harness it as a superpower.

🧠 Twelve Habits to Expand Your Mind

Expanding one’s mind requires commitment to certain habits that promote cognitive growth and development. By incorporating these everyday practices, individuals can effectively boost their intelligence and creativity.

🧠 Meditation Increases IQ

Meditation, an ancient practice used for thousands of years, has been scientifically proven to enhance memory, improve concentration, and even raise intelligence quotient (IQ). In a study, avid meditators scored 20% higher on an IQ test compared to non-meditators. Additionally, they exhibited greater creativity and performed better under pressure. By incorporating a few minutes of meditation into one’s daily routine, individuals may experience improved thinking, concentration, and problem-solving abilities.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has been shown to enhance memory, improve concentration, and increase creativity. It also helps individuals stay calm and focused under pressure, leading to improved problem-solving abilities.

How to Start Meditating

Begin with just a few minutes of meditation each day and gradually increase the duration as comfort and consistency grow. Find a quiet, comfortable space, focus on the breath, and let go of distracting thoughts to experience the benefits of meditation.

🧠 The High-Exposure Method

The high-exposure method, as endorsed by billionaire Warren Buffet, involves flooding the brain with productive materials every day to rapidly expand intelligence. This approach entails staying informed about current events, engaging in conversations with interesting individuals, and keeping abreast of industry developments. By constantly encountering new information, individuals can be inspired to generate innovative ideas and identify opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Implementing the High-Exposure Method

Adopting the high-exposure method involves actively seeking out new and diverse sources of information, engaging in meaningful conversations, and staying updated on industry trends. By consistently exposing oneself to valuable content, individuals can stimulate their intellect and foster a mindset conducive to growth and innovation.

💡 Make Your Neurons Powerful

Physical exercise not only benefits the body but also plays a crucial role in enhancing cognitive abilities. Studies have shown a strong correlation between physical activity and intellectual performance. Activities such as cardio and strength training stimulate the growth of neurons, which are essential for transmitting signals within the brain. The growth of new neurons leads to an expansion and complexity of the brain, effectively increasing brainpower on a daily basis.

Benefits of Physical Exercise

Regular physical exercise promotes the growth of neurons, which are vital for transmitting signals within the brain. This, in turn, enhances cognitive abilities and increases brainpower.

Engaging in Cardio and Strength Training

Incorporating activities such as cardio and strength training into one’s routine can effectively stimulate the growth of neurons, leading to increased brainpower and cognitive abilities.

💡 The Illusion of Knowledge

Questioning the world around us is an essential habit that can significantly contribute to intellectual growth. Many individuals accept information at face value without questioning its validity. However, developing a habit of curiosity and questioning everything, regardless of its popularity or conventional acceptance, can lead to a deeper understanding of the world and contribute to continuous intellectual development.

5. Einstein’s Principle of Learning

Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain something simply, you probably don’t understand it well enough.” When learning new concepts, people often acquire surface-level knowledge, which hinders their ability to truly comprehend and retain information. To test one’s mastery of a concept, Einstein proposed explaining it in the simplest terms to another person. If the person doesn’t understand, it indicates the need to refresh one’s memory or deepen understanding. The ability to explain something simply reflects a deep understanding and mastery of the concept.

6. Intelligence Is Contagious

The people one surrounds themselves with significantly impact their intellectual development. Being part of social groups where individuals lack intellectual stimulation can hinder personal growth. Conversely, spending time with individuals who are equally or more intelligent can elevate one’s thinking and spark new ideas. Engaging in conversations with brilliant people has the potential to broaden perspectives and inspire intellectual growth.

7. The Power of Reflective Writing

Reflective writing offers a powerful outlet for processing complex thoughts and emotions. By expressing ideas concretely on paper, individuals can problem-solve, reach new conclusions, and transform their thinking. Even without exceptional writing skills, daily journaling can lead to fresh perspectives and enhanced problem-solving abilities.

Expressing Thoughts Concretely

Writing provides a means to make sense of the myriad thoughts swirling in one’s mind, leading to a deeper understanding of personal challenges and complexities.

Start Small with Daily Writing

Even a single paragraph written daily about personal experiences can lead to profound shifts in perception and problem-solving approaches.

8. Reinvent Your Distractions

Distractions and time-wasting activities are common in daily life, but they can be repurposed to enhance intelligence. By replacing mind-numbing distractions with activities that challenge the mind or impart new knowledge, individuals can transform their distractions into opportunities for personal growth and intellectual stimulation.

Transforming Distractions into Learning Opportunities

Instead of allowing distractions to stifle intelligence, individuals can choose activities that stimulate the mind and contribute to personal development.

🧠 Activate Your Musical Brain

Playing a musical instrument has a profound effect on the human brain, triggering emotional responses and increasing activity in various brain regions. It improves communication between brain hemispheres, enhances memory, and sharpens motor skills. Whether you’re an amateur or professional, learning an instrument can train your brain like never before.

🧠 Bite-sized Reading

Reading a book not only accrues knowledge but also changes the structure of the brain, leading to increases in brain performance and connectivity. To experience the rewards of this healthy habit, it doesn’t have to be a time-consuming chore.

11. Outsmart Your Devices

How many hours do you spend staring at a screen each day? Spending too much time on your devices can have a negative impact on your cognitive performance. Too much screen time shortens your attention span, worsens your memory, and even dulls your imagination. So, try stepping away from your devices for at least a few hours daily. Lowering your screen time by as little as 20% may give you a much-needed boost of energy and concentration. You’ll not only feel more focused, but you’ll have more motivation to learn, grow, and expand your mind.

12. Unlock Your Imagination

The most intelligent individuals often possess a keen sense of creativity. Harnessing your creativity enables you to generate novel ideas, think innovatively, and tackle problems from unique perspectives. To enhance your intelligence, dedicate time to nurturing and exploring the free-thinking and innovative facets of your mind. Engage in creative hobbies such as writing, painting, or crafting, as research indicates that these activities not only foster cognitive abilities but also inspire fresh insights and ideas.



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