September 6, 2019

3D Printing as a Career – Emerging Field with Scope for Research

3D printing technology field has promising growth in many industries. The application of this technology is in-demand. You can choose to become a 3D modeler, innovator, operator, or technician. 3D printing is disrupting traditional businesses, especially ones that depend on blueprinting or prototyping. Traditional organizations understand the capability of 3D printers and it is the main reason for the rapid growth of 3D printing. Many job opportunities exist for people who can implement 3D printing and additive manufacturing that is, joining materials to make objects from 3D model data.


  • Keen eye for detail and precision
  • Familiarity with 3D CAD (computer-aided design)
  • Fascination and curiosity for innovative technologies


3D printing career is a combination of innovative design and the mathematical precision of advanced mechanical engineering. Mechanical, industrial, or software engineers will be able to have a better understanding of designing 3D models and creating accurate prototype models and components, however your proven skills and experiences in using 3D software are more important than academic credentials. some online tutorials and course on 3D design and printing are also available which will help you acquire important skills.


You will need to develop knowledge of the manufacturing applications of 3D printers such as creating parts of different equipment used in various industries such as aerospace, hospitals, and automobiles. You need to understand all the pros and cons of implementing 3D printers. If you want to pursue a career in 3D printing, you will need to be aware of custom prosthetics, high-tech fashions, the latest technical innovations, and requirements
of the current market for 3D printing.
3D animation, web graphics, and feature-length are other related fields that use the same tools as 3D printing.
3D design software is used to design and create objects. 3D animation software skills are useful in creating models before printing 3D graphics.

Job opportunities

Researcher and gadget developer – You must be able to sense needs of the consumers by researching the currently used products and come up with new suggestions for developing new and customized products. With the growing population of selfie-loving people in the world, there are tremendous opportunities in the research and development of wearable gadgets.

3D visualization technology from 3D printing systems is now used in fashion design and jewellery design. Researchers must have the skills to search the best method to use 3D printing for consumer products in the most cost-effective way.

Biomedical technicians – Advancements in healthcare and increasing number of sophisticated medical equipment have contributed to the need for 3D printers. Biomedical technicians are testing models and creating new medical equipment using the 3D technology. It saves a lot of cost and time by creating prototypes first.

Software programmers – software programmers have opportunities to make the user interface of 3D printing software user friendly and also to develop cross-platform software.

Biological and scientific modeller – It designs prosthetics and human tissue in the medical environments to save lives of especially the emergency, accident patients. A modeller can help create defence equipment, space food, and pilotless airplanes.

Architecture modeller – Architecture modeller need to create blue prints and prototypes and 3D printers are extremely useful in building a model before spending a lot of money on building the real building structures.

3D designers – A 3D designer comes up with new designs and ideas and they solve design and printing issues. They get the opportunity to create innovative designs for many industries.

3D prototype maker – They need to be customized to use them for different purposes and to create different equipment.

3D printing specialist – A 3D printing specialist can prepare files for 3D printing. These specialists must have the skills to match designs with the needs and expectations of clients. They must be able to change settings, resolve printing issues, and give the best printed product to the clients.

Marketing and sales person – You must have a passion for new and customized printing solutions that take care of the specific needs of customers in a cost-effective manner. You should be able to match the 3D printers to needs of clients choose the right printer and grow their business.

Trainer – Trainers are using 3D printers to teach science using practical. If are trained in using and fixing small technical issues in 3D printers, then you have an edge over other teachers and might get a lot of calls from other 3D printing training institutes.

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