October 1, 2021

5 Helpful Skills to Learn during this Quarantine as a student

During these unprecedented times, keeping up with one’s mental health is very important. One way students can do that is by utilising the time at home to learn new skills or enjoy one’s hobbies! The following are a few great tools to have in your repertoire 


Mindfulness is the act of “living in the moment”. What does that mean? Well, in times of immense social pressure and at times where you could be worried about yourself and those around you, learning to stay in the moment will help you distance yourself from anxiety causing thoughts and emotions. Mind you, this should not be used as an escape mechanism, and you should definitely deal with any emotions that come up during high stress situations. However, mindfulness allows you to focus on the now, and provides you with an avenue for the tasks at hand, whether it is a project you are working on or just a show you want to watch without distractions. 

Learning a new language

The current situation will not last forever. As a result, it is best to diversify your knowledge by learning a new language. Such an endeavour does not have to be a fancy, foreign language either (although that is never a bad idea), a language from one of the hundreds that are native to India! Learning a new language is beneficial in the way that apart from increasing the amount of people that you can communicate with, making such changes to your brain will help you become sharper and help increase your memory! 

Diversifying your skills

Learning a new skill during this time of staying-at-home culture will help you keep your portfolio updated and not limit you into one aspect of learning. Learning a new skill would also benefit you by exploring various options in the world of work.

Exploring online internships

Learning should not stop even if traditional methods of learning have been put on hold. One of the best ways to learn about the industry you are aiming at and making connections with the professionals already in them is internships. Contrary to popular belief, online internships are an extremely viable in the current scenario. Online internships help you stay involved in the field from the comfort of your home! 

Taking virtual tours of universities for the future

Again, this is all a temporary setback! Staying positive about the future helps you alleviate some of the negativity of the current situation. One way to visualise and manifest your dream future may be to take virtual tours and read up on the various colleges and universities to figure out which university would be a good fit! 

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