June 23, 2018

5 Secrets Sharma ji Doesn’t Want You to Know

He greets you with his innocuous smile and a box of sweets every result day. After all, 98% is his personal victory. It’s commendable. But it stings if you’re not in this minority, doesn’t it? While he celebrates, you are pricked by tuition expenses and haunted by the regular visits to school where all you hear is, “Has potential. But can do better.”

You open your mouth with fake enthusiasm to devour these bitter-sweets. While you wouldn’t dare compare—at the back of your mind—you’ve already committed that sin. Or least wondered, “Maybe my child is just…dumb.”

“Dexterous. Unconventional. Mistaken. Boisterous. Most geniuses are labelled as misfits,” Sharma Ji announced. I was captivated. From my first visit to our last lengthy conversation, I curated 5 of his best kept secrets on parenting techniques that guarantee success:

1. Banking on and Developing Strengths

Children have differing personalities, skill sets and interests. Most don’t fit into the narrow educational assembly belt. I identified Aryan’s [son] interest in engineering from a young age judging by his interest in puzzles, mechanical building sets and his inquisitive attitude. From the beginning, I gave him exposure into this field by taking him to such workshops, buying him strategic board games and focusing on his science and mathematics. I did not bother much about his English, history and geography as long as he was average in them.

2. Progress Through Challenge

I want Aryan to be the best in his field. I challenge him constantly. Each month I ask him to take up any machine building project of his choice and complete it. This gives him the technical know-how into various aspects in engineering and also teaches him efficient budgeting for his projects. I enrol him into programmes and competitions at least once every three months. These challenges ensure the results you see. It’s important to feed a daily dose of ambition into your child.

3. Building Networks and Career Guidance

I undertook academic and career planning for Aryan through career guidance institutes. Through their tested methods, interaction with their vast professional networks and after detailed counselling, we charted ways to achieve admission into the best engineering colleges, universities, boards and obtain other opportunities. So, all these co-curricular experiences are steps in a greater goal of building a strong CV for my son, right from high school. Only through a detailed plan of action and discipline is Aryan able to keep himself ahead of the crowd.

4. The Power of Motivation

This is arguably the most important. Children are often very spontaneous and moody. They need to be inculcated at some point, the attitudes of perseverance and patience. Both are an outcome of motivation and essential for success. In addition to reaffirming goals, my regular motivational preps have become a part of the father-son bonding process.

5. Inculcating Maturity and Independence

These are personality development activities for Aryan. Motivation has to be largely intrinsic for passion to survive. I let him take important decisions regarding his career and talk to him when he faces a dead end in his projects. Now, I even let him travel for competitions, find his own accommodations and let him finance his own projects. These little steps will go a long way for him to survive on his own later on.

Sharma Ji’s parenting techniques begin with an understanding into strengths, personality and skills. With each child holding unique shades of these three components, it becomes vital to recognise them and plan for a career accordingly. Follow these 5 simple steps and ensure your child’s success!

Wouldn’t you like to give out sweets one day?

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    Wow. Very beautifully articulated . A must for every parent who loves their children and want ro contribute.

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