October 9, 2018

5 Tips for Teen Parenting

1. Be Positive

Appreciation always works better than criticism. Appreciate their small victories instead of pointing out their failures. This will encourage them to get more and more victories. They will also feel like sharing their happiness and success with you.

2. Listen to Understand

A lot of times, we listen to reply or to solve our children’s issues. But teens especially, need to be heard and understood. If they feel that their parents understand what they are saying, they are more likely to open up and trust their parents.

3. Share your stories

Children need to see their parents or mentors are relatable and reliable. Hiding mistakes and projecting an aura of invincibility creates a distance between children and elders. To avoid this distance, Share stories of personal successes or failures with the kids. Emphasize on the takeaways and lessons from those failures. Children need to know that failure is not persecuted.

4. Have some rituals

Establish some activity that you can do with your teens regularly. The activity should be interesting and fun for both. This creates a bonding a sense of well-being in teenagers. Allow them to take lead in the activity, instill decision making and leadership roles in them.

5. Can do attitude!

The most important part of instilling a Can-do attitude in your children is having that attitude yourself. Teenagers need to see how to approach life everyday. If they see adults they look up to approaching life in a confident and positive way, they will inculcate the same. Lead by example!!

Happy Connecting!

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