October 16, 2021

5 Ways to begin a unique Business Opportunity In Education!!

Career Mentoring- A glorious Business Opportunity in Education

Several times, people don’t want to do 9-5 jobs. Hence, you can start impacting the lives of the youth & professionals with career mentoring as it is a different business opportunity in education, that is the need of the hour!!!  

So, if you are one of those people who view career mentoring as a prosperous business opportunity in education & want to impact the careers & lives of the youth & professionals, this article is for you. In this, we enlighten you about career mentoring, why to choose mentoring and career mentoring as a unique business opportunity in education. 

Thus, let’s understand what do you really mean by ‘career mentoring’. 

Career Mentoring-

Career Mentoring is aimed at helping the mentees achieve their desired career destination according to their innate skills & strengths. They also help students & professionals develop strategies for achieving career goals.

Today, the Indian Education System is undergoing changes and learning through practice and experience is taking over old teaching models. While university degrees and certifications are an important part of education, this may not be enough. We still need to provide the necessary skills to start a career.

That’s where career mentoring, as a business opportunity in education, comes into the picture.

Hence, Career Mentoring has nothing to do with work experience, paid work, or matching with the person who is doing your ideal job. It focuses on developing skills and determining career options and goals.

Essential Skills for a Career Mentor to do wonders for this Business Opportunity in Education-

1) Patient Listening-

It is the most basic mentoring skill as other skills build on it and need it.
By listening carefully, you show your students that their concerns have been heard and understood properly. This will make them feel accepted by you and build trust.
Resist the urge to always focus the conversation on your experiences and opinions, and find immediate solutions to any problems you may hear. First, listen carefully; solve the problem later. If your students have the habit of solving problems immediately, see if you can help them become better listeners and problem researchers.

2) Trust Factor-

The more your mentees trust you, the more they are willing to establish a
relationship with you, and the more effective you will be. Over time, this confidence will gradually increase because your tutors and students will observe some of your appropriate behavior. To gain trust, you must:
Maintain the confidentiality of your mentees
Spend appropriate time together
Respect the boundaries of mentors and mentees
Acknowledge mistakes and be responsible for corrections
Ingeniously tell your mentees if you disagree or are dissatisfied so that they know you are honest with them.
Especially for cross-differences (eg- gender, culture, style, age) mentoring, building trust is essential and must evolve over time.

3) Encouraging the mentees-

Encouragement includes expressing appreciation and sincere positive verbal feedback to your mentees.
Although there are many ways to encourage, the mentor and the mentee can differ in the type of encouragement and the level of encouragement, but
you can:
• Congratulate your mentoring partner
on the achievements and actions
• Indicate the addition their achievements and positive qualities other than their accomplishments (such as perseverance and integrity)
• Praise privately and individually
• Praise them in front of others
(sensitivity to culture and style
relative to public
• Express gratitude and appreciation
• Write an encouraging memo or email
and leave a free voicemail and
• Let them know how you can use their help
Affirm that your praise and encouragement are sincere.

4) Knowing the Current Reality & Goals-

As a mentor, you should have a personal vision, specific goals and a good understanding of the current reality.
As a mentor, please identify yourself first and talk to your students about their
vision, dreams, and career/life goals. You must be interested in the current reality & recognize the goals of your mentees too.
Mentees also need this skill. Before asking for help, they should understand their tentative goals and advantages, what development they need, and what specific support they want. They should discuss this with their mentor.

As a mentor, the more you know your mentees and the more accurately
you communicate with them, the more likely they are to trust you for the next
steps & believe in you.
• Know what is important to you, what you value and what you want most
Identify areas where you can perform well in very specific
behaviour examples, you can find excellent performance at the
Identify specific weaknesses or growth areas you have observed in yourself and others have noticed
Set initial goals of one to five years of your personal life and career and
Accurately describe the reality of your skills and situation.

Effective mentors and mentees continue to improve this self-knowledge and regularly integrate new feedback and observations.

Why Career Mentoring as a Business Opportunity in Education?

As mentioned at the outset, there is a business opportunity in education which is the ‘Need of the Hour’- Career Mentoring, as coaching classes have rightly become ‘choking classes’.

Career Mentors can serve as role models for ideal behaviors, which usually include communication skills.
The interaction between the mentor and the student gives the student the opportunity to observe the instructor and adjust some effective behaviors. Career Mentors can also provide students with valuable feedback on their communication methods and effectiveness.

As a glorious Business Opportunity in Education, Career Mentors can benefit from more work and leadership experience, which usually equates to a wider and deeper network.
Thus, such mentors can help new mentees expand their network by introducing mentees and connecting them with others who can help the mentee’s career development. For example, the mentor can introduce the student to his colleagues in the organization. The mentee benefits from contact with higher positions in the organization that does not normally interact with the mentee.

How to start this glorious Business Opportunity in Education of Career Mentoring?

“One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested”– E M Forster

In just a few steps, you can start your career mentoring. All it takes is enthusiasm and determination so that students anywhere can easily plan their careers. With the right method and the best career advice platform, you can immediately start career mentoring and make a difference.

Let us finally understand step by step how to start this unique business opportunity in education of career mentoring:

1) Certification-

If you are planning to start career mentoring in India, you must ensure that you have the required screening tests and professional certification/training from a recognized institution. Valid certification increases the credibility of your profile as a career mentor and gives you a comprehensive insight into emerging careers and the latest career trends.

2) Identifying your niche as a career mentor-

When starting a career mentoring business, you need to be aware that mentoring is a large area and that there are several factors to consider. You should also understand that students may have different questions and concerns, starting with which course and college to go to. It takes a lot of thought, discussion, and the use of a good psychometric test to help a student achieve a career goal. If you are new to career mentoring, you can learn psychometric tools and determine their effectiveness and usefulness, and then delve into this area.
It all relies upon the way you want to continue your professional mentoring and which method you selected to follow.

3) Establishing your own ‘brand’ as a Career Mentor-

Once you’ve chosen your niche, the next step to starting a career mentoring business in India is building your own brand. There are two ways to start your own mentoring business or create your own brand or partner with a well-known brand of career mentoring.
Now let’s talk how you could set up your personal emblem as a professional mentor.
There are many methods you could do that. First is, get certified, choose your area of expertise after which benefit a few sensible paintings experience. You may want to installation your internet site and begin attracting capability customers. Nowadays you could construct your internet site from scratch in only a rely of seconds.
Several website hosting systems may be a super begin to your profession mentoring gig. Make certain you do your personal studies earlier than buying any net web website hosting services. You can construct a web portfolio, upload your reports and certifications and get commenced together along with your profession mentoring business.

4) Network Building-

The fulfilment of having career mentoring as your business opportunity in education relies upon how nicely you construct your network, be it online or offline.
What’s the factor of running so difficult in putting in place a commercial enterprise while you lack the essential competencies of networking? Make positive you attain out to schools, colleges, lessons centres, education institutes etc with which you can grow your network.
A sturdy community may be created by the use of diverse methods. You can run various online/ offline workshops & take webinars on the significance of professional mentoring and teach college students on how your professional mentoring offerings can assist college students to discover their proper calling.

5) Update yourself constantly-

One of the good ways & elements of turning yourself into a successful professional career mentor is to hold up with the state-of-the-art enterprise tendencies and merging careers, their scope and profession access pathways. With the latest adjustments within the Education Policy, many college students and mother and father could discover it all of the tough to recognize what adjustments in move choice and guides could imply with the implementation of NEP.
As a career mentor running your own business or side job, you will need to constantly update your knowledge base and be prepared to discover and stop learning about new education policies and system changes. Whether you are starting your own career mentoring business or working as a career partner mentor, you need to stay abreast of the latest industry trends and emerging career clusters among others.

6) Conclusion-

There are various online career mentoring certification courses that offer great ideas and the practical knowledge you need to pursue a career in career mentoring. You must ensure that the online career mentoring certification course offers a comprehensive and well-structured curriculum; focuses on the development of career mentoring skills, the ability to read grades on practical examples.

Thus, Career Mentoring is the only way forward to equip the youth & shape their bright future!!!

Dheya Career Mentors is committed to shape the bright future of the youth & professionals.

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