March 30, 2020

A Super Mom for every child!

A mother is a child’s first teacher and role model. She not only nurtures her child, but also shapes his/her habits, self-esteem and self-image. A mother-child bond is unique and special like no other. A mother understands and knows her child better than anyone else – what the kid likes and dislikes, how the kid reacts in different situations, and what motivates the kid. She has better insight into her child’s development. 

That is exactly what makes a mother one of the best teachers for her child. Children need parental support in the early stages of development. And the mother plays a crucial part. 

Even with formal education, today’s children need help to learn how to learn. Different kids have different learning styles, and different self-learning habits, that the formal education system isn’t structured for. The parents, too, are not trained in understanding HOW their child learns. Thus, learning often becomes a chore for the kids and they try to avoid it, and it is a matter of concern for any parent. 

Dheya has designed a Supermom program to tackle this issue and make learning more fun for kids. The program focuses on empowering the mothers with tools and skills that help them understand their kid’s learning needs. 

What’s more, the program energises you, as a mother, to not only monitor your child’s progress, but also be a part of it. With the help of exciting and fun learning activities, help your child to discover his/her potential and be a Supermom!

To register for this workshop, please contact on 99234 00555  |  74100 47785

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