March 14, 2022

All about the Science Stream: Is it the Best Stream after 10th?

 As students, all of us have grown a love-hate relationship with the science stream. It has helped us explore so many facts and uncovered so many interesting things but at the same time, it has given us the toughest challenges we ever face as a student. 

Some of us mug it up for the sake of it, but for some of us, it genuinely creates a spark in our minds. The question is, how does a student pick the science stream after 10th? More importantly, why does a student pick the science stream after 10th?

While what interests us certainly plays a  major role in making our choice for a stream, there are other aspects that one should look at before taking their final decision, which we’ll cover in this article.

 It is crucial that we take time to figure out our interests, evaluate our skills, and understand the future scope of each stream, and obviously the financial aspect of the stream. Despite so many major factors that should be considered while choosing a stream, most students end up choosing the science stream. Let’s find out why.

Why Science Stream?

To a Class X student, the stream of Science gives an opportunity to pursue their future careers in Medicine and Engineering related fields. These subjects include practical labs and theory. Further, one can select between the Medical and the Non-Medical field, which is differentiated by Biology. A medical student has to study Biology as a core subject and non-medical students must study Mathematics and Computers. Whereas both groups of students have to study physics and Chemistry. 

There tend to be two kinds of science students in India. There’s one that takes up Science, because of curiosity, interest, and potential, and the other is just forced into the science stream. Our society has built a mentality that forces every parent into thinking that science is the only avenue to success and financial stability. Is this right? Or is it another stereotype we’ve developed because it the science stream was the only option to succeed a few decades ago?

 There is a belief that Science is for the intelligent and bright, whereas Commerce and Humanities are considered as streams taken by the students who “fail to live up to the standards” of the science stream. While it is true that the discipline of Science makes an immense contribution to the world, it will be extremely unfair to say that Commerce and Humanities doesn’t. This is where the importance of Career guidance and counseling steps in.

The Need of Career Guidance and Mentoring in 2022

We, as students, are often at crossroads with how we want to proceed with our careers. While some tend to have a few ideas about what they want to do in the future, most of us feel lost and clueless. Dheya’s Career guidance and mentoring program is designed to help students like us choose the most appropriate career path that suits our personality, and educational qualifications.

“It is a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the knowledge, skills, information, and experience that we have to identify career options available for us. In India, awareness, and information about various career options available to students passing out of school are limited. The culture of going to career mentor is almost non-existent.”

Hence, the need for career mentors rises and is crucial in the contemporary world. Dheya’s Career Mentors are experienced in exploring students’ skill sets and interest levels and suggesting a balanced solution combining the merits of both. They are assisted by Dheya’s psychometric test as part of the discovery process to identify factors influencing career interests, abilities, and values.
In essence, our career mentors set realistic career goals for each student. Our mentors will help you build a strong foundation for your future.

Why should you try career guidance and mentoring?

We, at Dheya, believe that everyone needs career guidance. Most of us tend to approach career options without considering what our interests are. In a world of opportunities, we are stuck in an endless rat race, and we stand by the idea that if all of us find the right career paths with the help of career mentoring and guidance, the world would be a much better place.

This is why we help you stand out. In a world where everyone wants to be another face in the crowd, we want you to be the face of a crowd.

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