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Registrations for Aquawars are live now!

Dheya Career Mentors, IIT Guwahati TIDF and Techniche bring together, an event conceptualised and designed to attract the best engineering minds to unleash their talents and build their robots with outstanding performance and combat capabilities.

The Aquawars, a relatively new concept and being explored for the first time in the world, offers a vast realm of possibilities to be explored and examined.

Through Aquawars, we aim to foster collaboration, ignite creativity, and promote the creation of innovative robotic solutions to address the unique challenges and possibilities presented by the aquatic environment. By fostering innovation and technical excellence, this contest shall serve as a vital platform for pushing the boundaries of aquatic robotics. It not only offers a competitive arena for participants but also paves the way for groundbreaking advancements in the field of aqua robotics technology.

The Aquawars, is another step towards furthering the vision of IIT Guwahati TIDF’s vision of leading the design & development of autonomous and remotely operated underwater vehicles playing a crucial role in monitoring marine ecosystems and conducting scientific research.

To achieve this vision, we encourage participants to develop intelligent algorithms, cutting-edge sensing tools, and reliable communication systems that enable seamless autonomous operations.

We are henceforth, inviting students from engineering colleges, to come forward and register for this unique event and unleash their engineering and robotics prowess, to build innovative Aquatic Robots.


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