April 3, 2020

Are you affected by the “Mid Career” Virus?

When asked to working professionals if they are happy at their workplace, many of them will either avoid this question or deflect it. The reason behind doing so is because people don’t want to accept that they are not enjoying their current workplace.

A 2017 research by Harvard Business school has shown that as high as 70% of the total workforce is unhappy at their current job. Gallup employee engagement survey has proved that lower employee engagement rate directly affects the gross output of the company. And yet, many unmotivated people continue to work because their current job pays their bills. And in the long run, such people are either laid off by the company or experience no growth at all.

10 signs to check if you are in the “Mid Career” zone:

1. Do you push yourself to go to work every morning?
Mornings should be pleasant and calm, but if just thinking about going to work ruins your mood, it is time to think about a career transition.

2. Are you Bored at Work?
You know that you don’t feel as excited about your work as you used to. You have tried to feel good and reconnect with your work, but it was a failed attempt.

3. Do you keep checking your watch to see how much time left to go home?
You are bored at work and very negative about your workplace. You cannot stand your colleagues,Or your boss. You just wish you were home already, out of this place.

4. Do you feel that you are being left out of important plans and discussions?
You know that you are not being heard, your opinion does not count anymore, and your proposals are shot down. It is clear that they are treating you as an accessory and it is time for you to move to greener pastures.

5. Are your skills getting redundant?
You feel that you are not given challenging enough work anymore. The company is not able to recognise your talent anymore, and that is just causing you more stress.

6. Do you see a decline in your career?
All the stress and unhappiness is affecting your performance quality, although you know you have the right skills to grow.

7.Do you often wonder as to WHY you are doing whatever you are doing at work?
You just don’t believe in your company, or the company’s mission anymore. There is a visible difference between the way the company works and the way you want to continue with your career.

If your answer to even half of these is Yes, it is clear that you need to plan a career transition.

But career change is not easy, especially when it comes to mid career professionals. There are a lot of factors and risks involved.

So, what should a Mid career professional do for a smooth career transition:

(a) Discover your Strengths afresh and create an Inventory of strengths. Yes, you are a bundle of strengths, yet you are not aware of it. To do this, you need to have a mentor work with you with psychometrics and other tools to probe and identify your true strengths and validate it with you. 

(b) Understanding of how you can shape these strengths into possibilities at work and explore possibilities in the World of Work as per your own work values and preferences. A deep understanding of the world of work and the future is needed to create an aspirational identity that you can be proud of. 

(c) Build a Transition plan with minimum financial impact, taking into consideration all financial commitments and liabilities as well as future responsibilities. Financial strategies need to be worked out to plan multiple streams of revenue that will build your wealth for life.

Dheya has a structured approach to help you transition from your present role to a much happier and productive as well as fulfilled life with minimum financial impact. A senior mentor would be working with you as a partner and hand holding you for this.

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