July 12, 2018

Are You inflicted with the Mid-Career Virus ??

“ Mid-Career Doldrums ” pertains to anyone who is above 35 years of age.  A few questions to judge whether you are inflicted or not:-

  • Is every day a “Monday” for you?  Do you wait for the office to get over to rush home each day?
  • Are you unhappy and dissatisfied with what you are doing and the direction in which your life is headed?
  • Are you unclear about “Why are you doing what you are doing”?
  • Do you feel you need a larger canvas for your potential?
  • Are you feeling that your passions/ hobbies have been neglected for a long?
  • Are you unhappy with your work environment?

If your answer is “Yes” to any one of the above questions, I am afraid, you are inflicted by this dreaded disease.

You only live once, and happiness is something that everyone naturally seeks. At this stage, evaluation of strengths would reveal that you hold a lot of knowledge areas.

Why is knowledge of your own strengths important?

 Because unfortunately, by now, you have with you a huge list of all areas of improvement. (Appraisal Feedbacks’ etc.) This has clogged your thinking to hugely constrained levels. Happiness is related to unlimited thinking.  Strengths would bring out a huge shift in your thinking and enable you to aspire towards a choice destination or career, and you will then be able to chart your path accordingly. Destination pertains to “what you will be known as”, ten years from now. Great Careers are made only when the destinations are aligned with strengths and the paths are accordingly chosen. Happy careers lead to fulfilled lives and great productive careers ensue as an outcome of this effort.

 So get your Mid-Career planned as soon as possible to be happy in your career and live a happy, fulfilled and prosperous life in your second innings.

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