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Career Mentor – A proud tag to wear

Dheya’s Career Counselling Certification

Do you love helping people with career development?

Do you have a comprehensive understanding of various career avenues, and have a knack of identifying the appropriate career for people?

If that’s the case, you can be our next career development facilitator!

At Dheya, we run a full-fledged career mentoring program under the name Certified Career Development Facilitator to create successful self employed professionals in the career coaching/ mentoring/counselling space.

This program aims at helping all the aspiring career mentors out there like you to become a certified career counsellor.

The Need for a Certified Career Counsellor

As per leading news paper in India, 15 lac Career Counsellor required. Career Coaching is going to be hotest career in next 10 year.

Career choice is a critical decision determining the direction of the life of a particular individual. However, often, a lot of people make incorrect and uninformed career decisions. They don’t have the necessary resources to help them make the right decision.

A certified career counsellor, however, helps students and mid-career professionals to make informed career choices based on various scientific tests, guidance, assessment, and interviews. Dheya’s Career Mentoring Program is something that helps you become a certified career mentor assisting people to choose their career in the right manner.

How will Dheya’s Career Counseling Certification help you?

Dheya is one of the leading career counsellors of India. Over the years, we’ve developed our career coach certification program to help build comprehensive, sensible, and helpful career counsellors.

And the results show!

We’ve built a strong network of over 2000 career mentors, and have guided more than 2.5 lac people find the right career.

As Dheya’s certified Career Development Facilitator, you will be conducting a wide range of activities, including career planning, career guidance, and career development sessions based on the psychometric assessment report. Career mentors will perform these activities through various channels, including video calling, in-person meeting, whichever is applicable.

Our career counselling courses have helped us to develop a community of career mentors. Our career mentor’s community uses the thorough research on more than 22,000 occupations in the technology-based system developed by Dheya to offer the best career guidance and planning services.

So, if you’ve been wondering how to become a career counsellor, Dheya’s certificate course in career counselling in India is your answer! Becoming Dheya’s career mentor is your chance to become a self-employed, certified career counsellor.

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Online Training Fees: 30,000 + GST
Offline Training Fees: 45,000 + GST

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7th November 2020 | Saturday

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Who has Undergone The Training

Successful & inspiring professional from various walk of life with 35+ age

Senior Corporate Professionals

Trainers, Life Coach and Career coach

Defence Personal & Govt. Employee

School Principal, Heads, Teachers and Educational Consultant

Career Counsellor & Psychologist

Financial Planner & Consultant

Business Owners and Entrepreneur

Self Employed Professional and Coaching Class Owners

Benefits You Derive From Being A CDF

  • Certificate- Career Development Facilitator

  • CDF Dashboard- Access to research Portal

  • Work satisfaction to contribute to society & Recognition

  • You can start your part-time income and career

  • Access to CDF Community Across India

  • Platform to be a professional career mentor

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How Dheya Supports Career Mentors

All our Mentors are trained on various business opportunity post training. Support like Makreting collaterals, digital content, customisation of product, Demo Sessions are available on demand.

By associating with Dheya one gets access to the exhaustive research database of various Careers, Occupations, and Industries developed over 12 years of diligent studies and hard work and the same is updated regularly by a strong research team.

Career Development Facilitators will be trained by experts. People are our strength. The delivery of Dheya services is highly dependent on the quality and comprehensive knowledge of the career development facilitators. Hence training them and keeping them updated with the latest knowledge in the field would always be our main priority.

The area that Dheya works in is vast and focused on developing individual students. The vastness and the span of learning demands continuous research and development of products and services that help our clients. We at Dheya have a strong research base and would always want to be known and be a research focused organization.

80% of our processes are IT driven. Along with basic processes and customer management tools, we have also developed a process driven system to support the CDFs. It’s about teamwork “We are in it together”. Personalised Dashboard, Learning Managment System and domain based email id is given to all our mentors.

Career Development Facilitator (CDF) opportunity not only provides you a cause to contributing your share towards society in nurturing young minds but also gives a lucrative earning potential.

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