May 11, 2019

Being consistently committed

The most important aspect of ensuring that you stick to your goals is – ‘Making little progress every day’.
The problem is not about the plans you make for achieving goals, but in their execution: What needs to be done today to finish 1/100th of your goal?
What needs to be done right now, to finish 1/100th of your goal?
Some do not take action at all, while some others put in efforts that don’t last long

As Darren Hardy said “Small seemingly inconsistent steps completed consistently over time will create a radical difference”.

If you commit to action, momentum will take care of the rest. Being a true student of your craft and remaining committed will ensure that you succeed. Consistent actions shape your environment and standards. Your lives are governed by your emotions and feelings.  If you only perform actions according to your whims and fancies….you won’t achieve much in life. Thus, cultivating healthy habits is essential, even if doing so may not be in-sync with your wishes.

Actions bring clarity and you learn your lessons on the way, making progress towards your goal. You start thinking, “How can I do it better”; thus becoming a better version of yourself.

There is no doubt that repetition and consistency aren’t exciting!  That is why most people can’t stick with their plan of action. Tedious repetition allows you to cultivate some of the most exceptional and effective skills for your craft. You would have seen M.S Dhoni and Virat Kohli hitting centuries, but have you noticed the amount of field practice they do before coming out to bat? It is the efforts that they put in prior to their performance that result in them scoring those scintillating centuries.

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. It is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.” – Jim Rohn.

The most successful people are not necessarily the strongest, fastest or most creative; they are simply best at staying motivated and aligning all their actions towards one or more goals in life. The choice is yours- whether you consistently work towards your goals, or simply procrastinate to pile up your work.

Commitment doesn’t guarantee success; but a lack of it, guarantee no success. Begin with the end in mind. When you fully commit before starting, you must tell your body that you won’t quit until you reach your goal. If you don’t do so, you will quit at the first few signs of fatigue. People fail because they keep quitting when they should have instead kept going. One can continue moving ahead only if there is that ‘motivating’ factor in life. You must decide what that factor is, that can make you step out of your comfort zones, and fly high to achieve your goals.

Thus, goal-setting is extremely important, but working on it on a daily basis without procrastinating is equally essential. This is what would ultimate lead you to achieve your targets in life.

So, stay CONSISTENTLY COMMITTED to your goals…

Sheetal Nilekaani
Dheya Career Mentor

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