June 26, 2018


6,33,60,000,000. That’s the mounting student loan debt in India as of December 2016. And it’s breaking record ever year. With education expenses on the rise globally, students are not to blame for falling into this debt trap. Starve now or later. That’s the battle cry. Furthermore, layoffs by giant tech companies due to cost cutting or merger and acquisition have worsened the state of unemployment. More than 60% of qualified engineer graduates remain jobless. A degree just doesn’t seem to do enough. 

With educational expenses going through the roof, it can take anywhere from 30 lakhs to 1.4 crores or more to educate your child upto post graduation. Hence, it’s becoming a necessity to undergo career planning right from a young age to realise your child’s potential and secure your years of investment of time, money, emotions and energy.

At Dheya Career Mentors, we take you through our researched and elaborate guidance process and map out your child’s career possibilities from out vast database, based on his/her strengths, personality, ambitions and financial ability. From our guidance process, here are our 5 most important lessons:

  1. Evolving Landscape of Career Opportunities

The world of work is evolving at an unprecedented pace. The E-commerce industry in India alone is estimated to reach over $64 billion by 2020 as new innovations are always on the rising. With development into quantum computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, the jobs that exist today may become obsolete 10 years down the line. Hence, the need to explore new futuristic careers that traditional schooling systems fail to discover is a must. 

Dheya’s Parent’s Workshop on Futuristic Careers does exactly this. The renowned senior experts at Dheya will take you over a 2-3 hour detailed and insightful course into the various aspects of possible futuristic careers, its resulting consequences and the course of action to be successful in those fields.

  1. Mastery, Innovation and Specialisation  

Being 1 in 7.6 billion people with differing beliefs, passion, habits and ambitions, you are stuck in a paradox. Finding your own rhythm and standing out amongst this enormous crowd is no easy task. Mastery of skills and innovation is key in breaking free from the heard. As layoffs become commonplace in India, unless you have a specialisation and your company requires your niche skills, you are in doldrums.

  1. Realising Your Child’s Potential 

At Dheya, the majority of our psychometric test results reveal the child’s aptitudes to be different than the career path planned by the parents. And after their occupational streams are altered by our career decision tools, it’s always these bunch of candidates that end up in our success stories. Guessing on your child’s career streams without professional consultancy is a gamble. Every child is a potential genius—we have tools to prove it.

  1. Mapping the Right Course of Action

If Claude Monet sold groceries with his father, he wouldn’t be the Father of French Impressionism. But history recounts that passion is nothing without planning and future dictates that planning is futile without foresight. There are factors other than your child’s aptitude, personality and ambitions that come into play while deciding his/her career. Economical trends, technological advancement, financial capability are to name a few. Dheya’s researched database reveals staggering statistics and information that are essential to career planning. 

  1. Checkpoints and Support   

Career guidance is futile without discipline. It’s important to keep checkpoints for marking improvement and self assessment. Motivation from peers and parents is key here. Your child needs to be surrounded by positivity and exposed to his/her career interests. That’s why Dheya conducts follow up sessions, has a vast professional network and fosters internship opportunities.

Stop your career streams from sinking you into a bottomless debt trap and steer safe over troubled waters with these 5 career guidance steps! 

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  1. Jay 2018-06-26 at 12:47 pm - Reply

    Speechless, you have put students career from costing, returns and sustenance perspective and it’s impact thereof.

    Generally at the beginning parents fail to see overall cost of educating their children and returns thereon v/s future trends of job market.

    I am sure a detailed resesrch on the job market / professions trends is a great tool for informed decisions.

    Thanks for this blog.

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