1202, 2021

The stalwarts who engineered an iconic ‘Engineering Marvel’

02/12/2021|Categories: Advice for students, Career, Career Guidance, Futuristic Career, Inspirational, Latest Blog, Parents, Students|0 Comments

Yes, this is the iconic bridge ‘Pamban Bridge’ in Tamil Nadu, which was constructed in 1914. It is known as India’s first sea-bridge.

Did you know – Till 2010, it was the longest sea bridge in India? Now, the Bandra-Worli […]

1102, 2021

Careers in Information Technology: SAP Analytics

02/11/2021|Categories: Career, Students|0 Comments

Well, when we talk about careers in information technology, it may sound similar to counting curries with Onions. So widely spread, into different tiers, technologies, hybrids and conglomerate in nature as today, the word information technology is linked with almost […]

3011, 2020

How to improve focus and concentration

11/30/2020|Categories: Advice for students, Dheya Virtual Gurukul, Students|1 Comment

By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination

Focus is a skill that you can build up. This means that your focus can be trained and improved. It’s like learning anything […]

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