March 10, 2022

Board Exams 2022: Myths, News and Everything You Need to Know

“Board exams 2022” are coming up and 10th standard students have slipped into study mode. In our adolescent years, we are often told that board examination has to be taken very seriously because they decide our future. But, is that true? Are Boards exams as important as we say?

What is the Board Examination?

We live in a world where education and literacy are necessary to sustain ourselves. In India, board examinations refer to the public examinations that are conducted at the end of the 10th-grade education (Secondary School Certificate), and the end of the 12th-grade education (Higher Secondary Certificate).
These scores are deemed to be important because they play a huge role in deciding the career path of a student. There are various boards across the country that include both national and state-level. Each board varies from one another in syllabi, curriculum, and the pattern in which the exams are conducted. The best example for this is the HSC Board Exam Maharashtra. These examinations are generally held between February and March, and the results are usually declared in May or June.

A Few Tips To Prepare For Board Exams 2022:

Preparing for any kind of exam, or assessment requires a lot of prior planning which if done properly, can give the desired results. Here are a few study tips that might help you in getting started on the preparation:

1. Creating a study plan

To have a proper study schedule, you need to know every detail about your syllabus, and the time that you have in hand to complete it. Setting result oriented goals prove to be extremely beneficial when it comes to an exam like Boards. Inculcating a habit to set goals will not only help you in boards but will also play a huge role in your professional career. 

2. Taking breaks regularly

The Human brain functions the best when it is given breaks periodically. As proven by research, studying for short intervals with regular breaks is more efficient than doing it for long hours without breaks. A balanced timetable that gives you and your academics adequate time goes a long way when it comes you’re preparing for board exams. 

3. Following a healthy diet and proper sleep routine:

Keeping oneself hydrated and healthy, by having nutritious food, and getting an ample amount of sleep will only result in retainment of concentration and the ability to focus while studying.

How important are Board Exams 2022??

The educational standards and academic performance of school children in India are primarily evaluated based on written examinations. The scores obtained by the student in the 10th board exams are necessary not only to get admission to good higher secondary schools but are also important in choosing the mainstream of higher secondary education that the student is interested in. Since the number of seats in high-quality schools is limited compared to the number of students passing out of the 10th grade, competition to get higher secondary admission is always very high. Students clearing up the 12th board exams leave school and enter University education. Due to guaranteed professional prospects – medicine, engineering, and management have been the most preferred choice of higher education by students and/or their parents, especially in Indian society. 

Given that these exams are an important milestone and a stepping stone in a student’s career, board exams have been a source of stress and anxiety for several students. The nature of our  society is such that in addition to the struggle to meet their own expectations , students also have to satisfy  their parents as well as the society which burdens the students with more stress and anxiety.

Board Examinations 2022: All Updates

Only yesterday, The Supreme Court dismissed the plea sought by students from 15 states to cancel offline physical examinations for Class X and XII which would be conducted by all national and state boards ranging from CBSE Board Exams to NIOS, as it is done every year. 

Given the advent of Covid-19, and the current situation that the entire world is in, the plea also petitioned for an alternative solution concerning the assessment scheme and a committee to be constructed for deciding the formula of assessment of students, instead of holding offline written exams, but was denied on account of creating confusion amongst the student body, and giving them false hopes.

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