Take a Bold Step

What if all career needs can be taken care at one place?

Career Café Owner will be an organizer of local communities and build a strong presence for Dheya And all this gets managed by a community of senior professionals backed up by knowledge, research and technology through a “Mentor for Life” program.

Dheya with Prospective Entrepreneurs will set up Career Café in different LOCATIONS. These career Café will function as nodal centers which will connect with Local Parent, school, College, and Corporate. Career Café would have a physical infrastructure of an activity center, including a classroom and guidance rooms. Career Café would be managed by 1-2 coordinators and sales staff.

Dheya is looking for Business Minded Professionals who believe in our grand vision of making young lives vibrant and highly successful through career planning and mentoring. We will be scrutinizing your profile using our tools and also looking at the past evidence of your performance. We believe in hiring the best of the best and trust our rigorous process of selection to achieve that. Yes, you will have to have the ability to invest a lot of your time and a little of your money to achieve great entrepreneurial success along with Dheya as a business Community Member, which is on the runway and accelerating fast, about to take off. So if you have the taste for extreme speed and exponential growth, only then apply for this opportunity and become a super-achiever Dheyaite!!!

It’s Serious & Important

The Great Indian 18: 40 Dilemma

  • Huge investment in education, and returns??
    Unplanned investment = Anxious parents

  • In the fast-changing world of work, are students ready?
    Unclear students = Worried parents

  • Are we pushing “our future” into frictional work-life?
    Unplanned careers = Mediocre life

  • Have we forgotten that we hold “unique strengths”?
    Parent’s low awareness = Ill informed career choices

The structured Solution for Career guidance

  • The platform: Dheya’s intellectual property & research

  • Nation wide community of career development facilitators

  • The process :personalised & documented one on one sessions

  • Not just guidance but lifelong hand-holding – “Mentor for life”

  • Link outcome of guidance into occupations

  • Positive psychology & strength based career development


  • One classroom
  • One guidance room with an office facility
  • A franchise fees + Office setup cost


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1. Dheya Compass: Basic Career Plan

2. Dheya Navigator: Comprehensive Career Plan

3. Dehya Cast-off: Early Career Design

4. Dheya Revive: Mid-Career Planning

1. E-SAT: Education-Strength analysis tool

2. NCDAP: National Career Discovery Assessment Program

3. Campus to corporate

1. Comprehensive Career Educational Program

2. Dheya Janitva- Parent’s workshop

3. Thinking Skills

4. Study Skills

1. 4 Minute Mile

2. Dheya Greenhouse

3. Dheya Snap Select

1. Youth leadership program

2. Achievers club

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