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Own an Education Business Franchise that Contributes to society

Career counseling and Mentoring Franchise in the education Industry

Dheya is looking for Business Minded Professionals who believe in our grand vision of making young lives vibrant and highly successful through career planning and mentoring.

We will be scrutinizing your profile using our tools and also looking at past evidence of your performance. We believe in connecting with the best of the best and our rigorous process of selection will achieve that. You will have to have to invest a lot of your time and some money to achieve entrepreneurial success with Dheya. As a Business Community Member, which is on the runway, accelerating fast, and about to take off, Dheya promises to take you on a flight to great success and great wealth with our most profitable education franchise.

So if you have the taste for extreme speed and exponential growth, apply for this education franchise opportunity in India and become a super-achiever Dheyaite!


Who is it for?

Social Influencers, Aspiring Existing or New Business Owners, Educational Consultants, Coaching Class Owners or Educational Organisation, etc..

Be a part of the 5000 Million Dollar Industry Growing @ 8% from 2022 to 2030.

Why Career Guidance is a great business opportunity for you?

The importance of Career Guidance For Youth

  • Huge investment in education, and returns
    Unplanned investment = Anxious parents

  • In the fast-changing world of work, are students ready?
    Unclear students = Worried parents

  • Are we pushing “our future” into frictional work-life?
    Unplanned careers = Mediocre life

  • Have we forgotten that we hold “unique strengths”?
    Parent’s low awareness = Ill-informed career choices

A Structured Solution For Career Guidance

  • The platform: Dheya’s intellectual property & research
  • Nation wide community of career mentors
  • The process :personalised & documented one on one sessions
  • Not just guidance but lifelong hand-holding – “Mentor for life”
  • Link outcome of guidance into occupations
  • Positive psychology & strength-based career development

Flexible Online Education Business Franchise for every Aspirational Business Owner

Affiliate Partner

An individual is willing to start an Education Business Franchise without an Office.

Suitable for Educators, Teachers, Tutors, Financial Planners or Advisors, Working professionals, Women who wish to start work from home.

Rs. 25,000 + GST

Career Guidance Partner

An organization with a Physical or Digital Presence in the Education business.

Suitable to Organisations such as a Multicenter Coaching Class, Educational website, or Online Platform willing to Offer Career Guidance services

Rs. 50,000 + GST

Dheya Career Cafe

City Level Franchise

Suitable for People willing to make full time Career in Career Development. Run Fulfledge Center in your city.

Rs. 3,00,000 + GST