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Own an Education Business Franchise that Contributes to society

Career counseling and Mentoring Franchise in the education Industry

Dheya is looking for Business Minded Professionals who believe in our grand vision of making young lives vibrant and highly successful through career planning and mentoring.

We will be scrutinizing your profile using our tools and also looking at past evidence of your performance. We believe in connecting with the best of the best and our rigorous process of selection will achieve that. You will have to have to invest a lot of your time and some money to achieve entrepreneurial success with Dheya. As a Business Community Member, which is on the runway, accelerating fast, and about to take off, Dheya promises to take you on a flight to great success and great wealth with our most profitable education franchise.

So if you have the taste for extreme speed and exponential growth, apply for this education franchise opportunity in India and become a super-achiever Dheyaite!


Who is it for?

Social Influencers, Aspiring Existing or New Business Owners, Educational Consultants, Coaching Class Owners or Educational Organisation, etc..

Be a part of the 5000 Million Dollar Industry Growing @ 8% from 2022 to 2030.

Why Career Guidance is a great business opportunity for you?

The importance of Career Guidance For Youth

  • Huge investment in education, and returns
    Unplanned investment = Anxious parents

  • In the fast-changing world of work, are students ready?
    Unclear students = Worried parents

  • Are we pushing “our future” into frictional work-life?
    Unplanned careers = Mediocre life

  • Have we forgotten that we hold “unique strengths”?
    Parent’s low awareness = Ill-informed career choices

A Structured Solution For Career Guidance

  • The platform: Dheya’s intellectual property & research
  • Nation wide community of career mentors
  • The process :personalised & documented one on one sessions
  • Not just guidance but lifelong hand-holding – “Mentor for life”
  • Link outcome of guidance into occupations
  • Positive psychology & strength-based career development

Flexible Online Education Business Franchise for every Aspirational Business Owner

Affiliate Partner

An individual is willing to start an Education Business Franchise without an Office.

Suitable for Educators, Teachers, Tutors, Financial Planners or Advisors, Working professionals, Women who wish to start work from home.

Rs. 25,000 + GST

Career Guidance Partner

An organization with a Physical or Digital Presence in the Education business.

Suitable to Organisations such as a Multicenter Coaching Class, Educational website, or Online Platform willing to Offer Career Guidance services

Rs. 50,000 + GST

Dheya Career Cafe

City Level Franchise

Suitable for People willing to make full time Career in Career Development. Run Fulfledge Center in your city.

Rs. 3,00,000 + GST

Top Six Reasons to Become a education business franchise Owner with Dheya

You get to be your own Boss!

As an edupreneur take a leap of faith and pursue your dreams with us. Our Flexible Association is designed to suit your aspirations. Start Small and make it Big.

Impact The Youth

As our franchisee partner, you have the opportunity to make positive social change and provide a helping hand to the youth

Focus on growth

As a Partner, you can focus on business growth and penetrating the local market while we take care of all session deliverable and your backend office operation through automation and personalized support. Our PAN India Career Mentors Community will provide support everywhere.

Scale-up fast! Wide range of Products

Our Services are Standard as well as Customised for diversified career needs. Diversify your Portfolio to scale up fast. serve a wide audience, whether it’s an individual or an Organisation.

Earn High Profit Margins

We Offer Career assessment, Guidance, Planning, and development programs to students, Parents, Professionals, Schools, Colleges, Corporate, and Government organization with High-Profit Margins.

Ride the wave

Overall we have over 50+cr Population in Higher Education, Test preparation, Jobseeking and Working professionals. The estimated market size is $50+ bn. Value-added services such as Career Guidance and Development will be important to differentiate says “Google and KPMG”.

Dheya Business Model

How it Works

This association is a franchisee partnership. This involves Dheya licensing you to acquire business on our behalf & deliver the services online / in your infrastructure as per the guidelines provided by us. You can then register local youth interested in career guidance. The students can take an online psychometric assessment provided by Dheya. The career guidance session will be carried out online virtually / offline by our senior mentors.

Note:An agreement will be signed between the Education Franchisee Partner and Dheya.

Dheya Business Franchisee Platform Feature


Dedicated URL, Logo, and company name throughout the platform

Career Assessments

Career Assessments is designed for 13-Year-old students to 50 Year Old Professionals

Payment Gateway

Send Payment Link from Portal based on Program


Product and Price Customization based on business needs.

Network Creation Dashboard

Build your own Affiliate network for scalability and visibility

Dedicated Technology/Support

Dedicated 24/7 support for any technical or business query. We are listening!

Being an Edutech Organisation, we use the best technology resources.
Dheya Enables all career counseling franchise partners to use the same and has designed a 360 Partner Support Program.


  • Brochure & Proposal Design

  • Ads Design

  • Social Promotional Design

  • Email Marketing Support


  • Premium & Low-Cost Program

  • Bulk Order Support
  • Sales Closure for Big Orders
  • Promotional Coupon


  • Full Featured Dashboard
  • Mobile Based Platform
  • Web-based Platform
  • Integration for Online business

New Product Launch

  • Retail
  • School & College
  • Corporate & Government
  • Education & Skill Development


  • Concept & Product Training
  • System Training
  • How to Win Sales
  • Regular Webinar Support

Customer Care

  • Mentor Selection
  • Customer Operation
  • Post Sales FeedBack
  • Referral Program & Upgradation

Our Affiliate Career Guidance Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer your first question a little differently. If you took any other franchise, you’d probably teach students hardware, software, animation, preschool, vocational courses, exam coaching, and so on. Dheya operates at a very different level. You would probably be the entry point of one’s education choices and you will enable them to make decisions. We believe we will bring about a change in the way our country pursues education, and we would want you to partner with us in an exploding career guidance marketplace. Dheya was founded in 2005 and started operations in July 2008, since then we helped over 4,00,000 students and professionals choose the right careers. One look at our testimonials will make you realize that Dheya becomes part of our client’s life. Apart from this, we are the market leaders in terms of research, and our test results and guidance sessions have impacted the lives of our customers; An amalgamation of all these features makes Dheya a name loved by our customers.
To become a Dheya Franchisee, one must also:
• Really care that students are learning and enjoying.
• Be willing to learn the business methods that are taught in our programs.
• Be able to interact with the heads of schools/ colleges for business.
• Commit to the cause of student success and growth.

Investment depends on how you operate. Choose from 3 Options ( Affiliate, Center, and Exclusive career cafe)

If you already have a ready infrastructure, your costs could reduce considerably. Dheya Shares 15-40% of renenue with our partners.

Our programs are designed to give existing centers the highest returns on investment. However, since we follow a neutral career guidance system, we always ensure that we keep our branding and approach very indigenous and will expect you to make several changes in your existing infrastructure to bring about that change. You will need an exclusive space for Dheya with clearly demarcated areas not being mixed with anything else.

Dheya’s research is unmatched; after studying the CIP Theory and Donald Super’s Self Development Theory, the research team at Dheya came up with a theory which incorporates the best of both the established theories and eliminated the waste. The end result was a potent theory tailor made for the Indian demographic. This theory was first tested on 1200 students from various walks of life before being implemented. Along with this Dheya has in depth analysis of more than 600 career streams and 250 educational streams. These numbers are only growing on a year-to-year basis.

Yes, the franchise (Career Cafe) gets an exclusive territory of primary responsibility.

Our Services can we offered to school, college, corporate and other organisations also. In normal situation, school wouldn’t like to get involved with financial transactions. Neither can the school compel the student to take up the program, nor can they make it a part of its curriculum. Hence, it’s necessary to reach out to the parents directly through various marketing and sales methods so that the parents participate in the program.

We believe strongly that you will be able to operate an exceptionally profitable center. However, we cannot guarantee your effort and hence do not offer any minimum guarantee.

There is seasonality in each of the segments we work with; however, there is no seasonality in Dheya’s business. When the final exams of all schools are going on, Dheya concentrates on Engineering Colleges and on guidance to professionals. We have a very busy year and believe that we have different sections of our consumers that we concentrate on in different months throughout the year.

Depending upon the profile & performance of a franchisee the company decides whether the franchisee is eligible for multiple locations. Also, we ensure enough geographical spacing within our centers to ensure profitability and further growth for our existing franchisees.

Dheya franchisees are not on their own in terms of marketing and advertisement support, by joining this business the franchisee becomes part of a Dheya Family.

Together we can build the marketing strategy. Dheya provides all promotional Material in digital format.

The tenure is for a period of 3 years after which it can be renewed.

  • Gain clarity in making career choices and career decisions.
  • Students align their academic efforts to career goals.
  • Students gain awareness of careers streams and paths.
  • Students take charge of their career.
  • Students plan their career systematically and start designing their own development.
  • Students become more focused towards
  • Students start demonstrating great professionalism.
  • What’s planned succeeds: Students gain clarity of Career Goals.
  • Visible greater Self-motivation in students: Self Driven & Focused students.
  • Visible confidence & Self Esteem: students Get ready for life.
  • Students become achievement oriented & Result Oriented.
  • Visible improvement in academic
  • Students and Parents gain greater awareness of True Student’s Personal
  • Setting a thought on employability at an early age. Employability: Promoting employability and entrepreneurship.

Be a part of a Super Successful Journey.

Apply for Franchisee in Your City

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