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Career Assessment for College Students

“Life is full of choices and chances. We help you take chances to make good choices.”

The working world may seem like a long way off, but it is never too early to plan for your goals. What can you do today to make sure you’re ready for tomorrow?

Most students go to college to get a degree and to gain the skills employers want. Getting good grades is not enough to impress most employers.

A guide or mentor can help you find new ways of thinking about who you are in this world & where can you excel.

Career Discovery Program Solves most of the Challenges faced by College Students

  • Need to declare a college major, which one to choose?

  • Understanding of different branches, specialisation and selection of subjects.

  • What are my core areas of strengths?

  • Should I have my own start up or join a job?

  • Need to Learn how to be work ready, Required Skill for Employment

  • Too many questions in mind about studying in india / Abroad for Higher Education

  • Where do I need to work upon ( Industry, Suitalbe job Profile etc. )

  • Resume Building, Profile Building, Indusrty Exposure and How to find internship.

  • Self-doubt, low confidence, and uncertainty about their planned career

  • Discover your True Calling based on your Personality , ability and interest with Dheya Discover.

College is fun and exciting time. Get ahead on your college campus and beat the competition.

We have mentored thousands of College Students to start career with confidence and clarity.

Are you ready to make perfect entry into Work Life ?


Solve Career-Starting Challenges. Make Entry In Work Life Like Super Hero

  • Find All Your Natural Strenghts

  • Know Future Work Possibilities

  • Set Life Priority & Define Career Goals

  • Build Clear Career Roadmap

  • Clarity About Job or Future Studies (India or Abroad)

  • Skill Building Roadmap

  • Higher Education Roadmap

  • 4 D of Development (Behaviour, Life, Personal, Workplace)

  • Profile or Portfolio Building Strategy

  • Job Search Strategy

  • Made for Job, Freelancing, Business or Entreneurship

  • Build Confident and Positive Outlook

Career Discovery Program Highlights


Career Clarity Discovery

Psychometric Assessment

Mentoring Session: 1

Follow up Session : 1

Access to Mentoring Platform

Rs. 15,000 + GST


Career Development Planning

Psychometric Assessment

Mentoring Session: 3

Follow up Session : 3

Access to Mentoring Platform

Rs. 20,000 + GST