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Get Best Career Counsellors in Nagpur and skyrocket your career with Professional career counselling Services from Dheya.

In recent years, numerous students have placed an excessive emphasis on acquiring degrees and high marks, neglecting the search for their true passion in life. They become trapped in following societal norms rather than pursuing what truly interests them. To avoid this trap and lead a fulfilling life, it is crucial to focus on identifying one’s passions and charting a career path with the help of the top career counsellors in Nagpur.

Dheya is here to change that. We feel that an individual should explore his strengths and talents and apply them in a field that is best suited for them.

Thanks to our massive network of 4000 mentors, we are now offering career counselling services in your city.

Our mentors are extremely seasoned professionals with over 12 years of experience in their respective fields.

Career Solutions For Every Career Need in Nagpur

Career Guidance Program For School Students

Career Guidance Program For College Students

Early Career Design For 25-30 Age Group Professionals

Mid-Career Planning For 31 + age Group Professionals

Why is ‘Dheya’ the best Career Counseling platform in Nagpur?

Dheya has 16 years of experience in helping students plan their careers. They have a unique approach that is both standardized and personalized. They go beyond just giving you career assessment results and instead help you discover your unique talents and abilities. This is based on the teachings of the Bhagwad Gita and Upanishads. The goal is to help you find the career that fits your natural strengths and interests.”

In simple words, “Dheya helps you uncover your hidden talents and find the right career path for you. Dheya uses a process that has been created with input from experienced professionals in different industries. Dheya has also been working with top experts in their field for 16 years to constantly update and improve their approach. The goal is to help you find a career that fits your strengths and interests and is up-to-date with the latest trends.

Proven Methodology for Career Counseling & Career Guidance


This stage involves exploring and identifying your interests, values, skills, and strengths.


Researching potential careers, career path and industries that aligns with Strengths.


Define winning strategies for higher education, Skill Development and Exam Strategy to Be futuristic.


Build a practical Development plan for your career to achieve success.

Why go for Career Counseling & Mentoring at Dheya?

Dheya career mentoring is a holistic approach that helps individuals discover a rewarding and fulfilling career through continuous support and guidance.

Outcome-based Education

We carve a crystal-clear education path that will bring out the best in you.

Personalized & Holistic Development

Highly individualized, one-on-one mentorship through a simple, three-step framework.

Constant Improvement

Continued mentoring starts from the moment you register with us till you get into a career that excites and inspires you.

Confident Career Planning

Make career plans that work for you and avoid mistakes you are most likely to make in your career planning.

Here is why Parents & Students love Dheya!

“The direction that was given to my daughter was really good. Did not realise it 6 years back but when my daughter has become a creative director after her education and when I see her motivated, I am really amazed with the alignment Dheya did of her nature to what she wants to do in her profession.“

Arti Deodhar

“An amazing experience. I would have never known much about myself and my son. It’s been 3 years since we are in touch. Each interaction is enriching. I also realised that a career decision isn’t a one-time activity. Thanks.“

Chaitanya Jha

“The session was for my daughter. She was very positive and enthusiastic after the session. The strengths and positives discussed during the session which match with her own perception made her believe strongly in Dheya’s methodology. She is setting up her career plan with Dheya Career Mentor and going to work to achieve them.”

Arun Khanna

Our served clients are from most reputed organizations

Frequently Asked Questions

Dheya Career Mentors is the best organization when it comes to career counseling in your city. We have mentors in all parts of the country, and hence this is why we can create the most proficient and practical career plan according to your surroundings. Our career mentoring process has multiple steps and gives you a detailed and fool-proof plan for your future.

You should approach Dheya Career Mentors for a one-stop solution for all your career guidance inquiries. We have mentors and counselors all over the country who come from different backgrounds and industries. Call us now to get a fool-proof career plan session at the comfort of your city!

Career Counseling is a once in a lifetime investment that helps a student plan out his entire life. At Dheya Career Mentors we have designed affordable packages according to every student’s needs. We guarantee our customers the best career counseling mentoring at the best costs.

As a student, the hardest part of your complete education process is finding a purpose, finding a ‘why’ to study. Career Guidance helps you find this purpose and helps you find clarity on their career path and what the future holds for them.

with 16+ years of experience in helping students and professionals find their ideal career path. With a team of seasoned professionals and a research platform constantly updated to reflect the latest industry trends, you can trust Dheya to provide you with comprehensive and personalized career guidance. If you’re in Nagpur and looking for the best career counsellor, look no further than Dheya.

To become a career counselor in Nagpur, you can consider taking the Dheya Career Mentor Certification program. This program will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide professional career counseling services in Nagpur. After completing the certification, you will be able to start your own career counseling practice and help individuals make informed decisions about their future careers.

Start the journey of rediscovering yourself, now!

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