What is career counselling?

Career counselling or career guidance is a scientific process of identifying the career options that are most likely to make an individual happy and productive in their professional sphere and is based on their skills, aptitude and passions. It is typically a multi layered process using tools such as psychometric tests, aptitude tests and extensive one on one discussions with students and parents.

Why do you need career counselling?

The plethora of career choices available at present poses a challenge with regards to making a decision. You need an expert who brings a wide range of expertise and experience across the varied choices and understands how to make this critical life decision. Dheya Career Mentors are trained and certified to scientifically assess and provide the right career guidance to students in Mumbai based on a solid framework of research and results.

Who can benefit from career guidance?

High school is when the child begins his or her journey into the complex world of decision making about career choices. Considering that the working life consists of the largest chunk of one’s life, it only makes sense to make that choice carefully and with the use of the best resources and research available.

Dheya’s Career Counselling in Mumbai

Your search for the right career counsellor in Mumbai ends here. Dheya Career Mentors provides personalized career counselling and career guidance to students across various Mumbai schools and colleges through the Dheya Career Compass and Dheya Career Navigator programmes. These career guidance programmes have been designed after extensive research by industry experts and include a detailed assessment report spanning 20 pages and in depth one on one counselling sessions by one of Dheya’s certified career counsellors.

Why should you choose Dheya Career Mentors for career counselling in Mumbai?

Dheya Career Mentors has helped more than 250,000 students and young professionals from over 3000 schools and colleges in making their right career choices. We have many success stories and it is always a matter of pride and happiness to see them growing by leaps and bounds.

With over 13 years’ experience in this field, Dheya career mentors are experts in this field with a wide pan India network of over 3000 career mentors across the length and breadth of the country. These certified career counsellors come from prestigious organizations and have real life professional experience making their inputs extremely relevant. They’re not just counsellors but professionals and counsellors. 

DHEYA works with the 7 D Model and this approach is based on amplifying strengths and skills to help develop the individual into a powerful force to reckon with in his/her chosen field. The process is based on positive psychology and leads from a place of confidence rather than anxiety.

Dheya’s unique career guidance programme comes in two packages, a basic Dheya Compass plan and a more comprehensive Dheya Navigator plan. Based on your requirement, you could choose one of the two career counselling packages for your child. It’s never too early to start thinking about your child’s future and our career guidance plans are useful for students between 13 and 25 years of age.

How do you benefit from career guidance at Dheya Career Mentors?

Dheya has a vast resource bank of over 22000 + career options and this database is continuously updated with the latest research. These are mapped to student skills and interests to arrive at the best possible career choices, aimed at maximizing the potential for success and happiness in their future. It is revised constantly to provide for new age and offbeat career options as well, with the intention of finding the right match for the student. 

The career guidance process is scientifically designed after extensive research and works with norms specific to the Indian context to unearth each child’s true inherent skill and value. It combines Eastern and Western wisdom to present a holistic understanding of one’s true skills and interests and aids correct decision making.

This comprehensive career guidance exercise will help the student to work in a focused manner to achieve his/ her goals while enabling the parents to plan for the finances accordingly. It would align parents and children in goal setting and provide crucial support for the student to succeed. And the most important fact is that Dheya is a partner for life. We maintain complete documentation and our mentors share in the success of their mentees.

When should you take advantage of career counselling in Mumbai?

Mumbai is home to a multitude of educational institutions catering to a wide variety of interests and specializations from the traditional engineering and medicine to fashion and animation. Career counselling at Dheya helps you not only in choosing the right career avenues as per your aptitude but also guides you on possible schools and colleges as well as their intake schedules throughout the year.


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Dheya is premier Career Guidance and Planning organisation working with a self-developed Psychometric tool, which is completely validated to Indian norms and is statistically proven. Dheya has its own processes based on positive psychology inspired by BhagwadGita and Upanishads and is focused on giving Decision-making solutions to students, parents and professionals based solely on their inherent strengths.

Dheya Compass is a comprehensive career guidance program that offers career guidance after 10th and 12th. It helps students identify their unique abilities, and strengths, and choose a career path that’s not just scientifically chosen, but is aligned with their interests, inclinations, and skills set.
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Our tool, Dheya Navigator, enables career planning in the most organized manner. It involves comprehensive career guidance and counselling for students, based on their aspirations, skill set, and expectations, and the preference of their parents.
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Dheya offers 360-degree career planning guidance and career counselling for working professionals, looking out for a career change, and wanting to go for a career option aligned with their interests and preferences.
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Dheya Revive is a program for working professionals facing mid-career challenges, and who need midlife career change guidance.  It helps build dreams for the second career while engaging all your past experiences, affiliations, and networks.
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