March 14, 2022

Career Guidance After 12th: The need of the hour?

We all need help, be it in our daily activities or when it comes to taking important decisions in our life. When it comes to the latter, the process of mentoring holds relevance. Mentoring is referred to as “a reciprocal and collaborative at-will relationship that most often occurs between a senior and junior employee for the mentee’s growth, learning, and career development.” This is why we feel that every student should have a mentor that will help them through their career guidance after 12th.

History, as well as contemporary knowledge, is replete with glowing examples of the importance a mentor can have in one’s overall growth and development, and why mentorship is beneficial not only to the mentee but to the mentor as well.

At Dheya, we believe in the idea that mentoring is a personalized effort to understand and build awareness about self as well as the world, and in the process, help an individual discover things about themselves, that they may not have been aware of, earlier.

Career mentoring, to us, is a holistic process that includes Career counseling, career guidance (to help in making decisions), career development (a long-term plan), and career coaching (advising and supervising).

Why is Career Guidance After 12th so important?

A career mentor can help guide one through tough situations and provide an unbiased opinion. They can also help an individual improve their essential skills such as networking, communication, problem-solving, and conflict management’s professional growth and development by offering ideas around strategy and even career progression and promotion. Let’s delve deeper into some of these aspects.

1. Supporting Growth

Mentors encourage one’s personal and professional development, by setting goals for the individual and giving them their suggestions and feedback. The goals being set can help focus the mentee’s efforts making it easier for the mentor to track and assess progress. 

2. Attaining knowledge

Mentors can provide specific insights, information, and instructions to perform particular tasks or develop useful skills that eventually lead to the mentee’s success. Individuals starting their careers can benefit from such guidance, as it helps them feel comfortable in the role more quickly.

3. Building network by making connections

A mentor can help build their mentee’s professional network when the mentee identifies professional or personal goals by connecting them to potential opportunities or individuals who can help them. Given the fact that the mentor has more experience, the connections made can prove to be helpful in the mentee’s career.

4. Having A Trusted Ally

Trust represents a core and integral element of mentorship. The student must trust that the mentor has their best interests in mind and will provide accurate and honest guidance. When an individual has ideas, they can approach their mentor and utilize them as a resource to discuss or try them. The mentor can provide unbiased advice or opinions using their relevant knowledge and experience. With these insights, the mentee can better understand what steps to take and whether to pursue the idea or not. 

5. Maintaining accountability

For a lot of people, having someone to hold them accountable makes all the difference in achieving their short-term goals. By tracking progress, the mentor helps the mentee stay focused and on track towards completing these goals, thereby ensuring that the mentee does not forget about the goals that they have set.

How is Dheya different when it comes to Career Guidance After 12th?

Dheya has been working in the career mentoring industry for the past 16 years. To us, career mentoring is a personalized service enabled by authentic research and tools pertaining to the norms in India. Career guidance and mentoring are not just a technology-based information portal but are done by understanding assessing an individual’s personality, passion, and aspirations.

A destination-based approach is taken when it comes to correlating education with one’s work life, and a 7D career development model is used for career development alongside 13 personalized factors for career planning. 

We have many successful senior mentors on board with us, who through their varied experiences, can guide the student in discovering their passion and provide a comprehensive plan, accordingly to ensure their success.

A personalized method of one-to-one sessions including both parents is done, to make sure that everyone is on the same page as to what is being done. There are customized workbooks and reports which are handed over during the sessions to ensure that the student has a record of the entire session for life, for reference. Each session has a specific objective, finally leading to a confident, conscious decision by the student while being supported by the parents and mentor. In the process, we aim to make the student self-dependent and build confidence to start working towards the goals that they have set.   

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