August 2, 2020

Career In Digital Marketing in India

The session started with Roshan Khan, moderator of the session, he briefed about his background. He introduced our speaker Arvind Srinivasan. Roshan explained the basics of digital marketing in brief. 

Arvind Srinivasan started with his brief intro and about his journey and current projects he is working on.  He started the topic by showing a small video of Tanjore paintings, which was met with huge excitement from the audience to know more about digital marketing. He explored the topics in what digital marketing is about, what are the different platforms to be used?,  etc.  

He explained the need for digital marketing – Targeting, ROI, Minimal risk, etc.  He also said that one can learn DM through online courses, as there are a lot of opportunities. He explored the benefits of Dm. He explored the topics of 7P’s in DM. Also, there was brief information on IDM, as he mentioned further that this is the future in DM. 

As there was a good response from the audience, many people had queries on how to pursue it as a career. Where Roshan and Arvind helped them to explore their career options. Further, he disclosed some of colleges/ universities and some DM training institutes, where one can acquire their skills. He also gave some alternative options available in this field. He also guided some international names and career paths on how one can take this up as a career.  He also mentioned about some roles available with the salaries available in the market. He guided viewers on how one can become an entrepreneur in just 3 steps.  

He concluded the session by suggesting some books and websites where one can explore the things before you can decide to make your career in DM. A lot of queries were resolved, which were raised by the teens. It was an informative and interactive session, with the youth audience. 

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