August 1, 2020

Career in Finance – Investment Banking, Forensic Accounting and Auditing

The session was been conducted by Namit Chawla and Rajesh Shinde. It started with Rajesh Chawla addressing the audience and guided them for the discussion in Career in Finance. Namit Chawla took over the session and addressed the audience by congratulating the 12th kids for their respective results. 

Firstly, Namit asked the audience about their plans after 12th, Do you know what you want to do? And there was a good response from the audience. He mentioned that a career in finance is a Broad Career. There are a lot of options available in this field, and people need to decide where exactly one needs to decide to make his career. 

Unjumbling the maze of Career in Finance: – Economist, Banking, Finance and Accounting, Taxation, and Investment. 

By using binocular, there are two specific Highly Respected, Highly Skilled, Highly Ruminative careers where people focus on, – Investment Banking and Forensic Accounting and Auditing. 

He mentioned about Commercial Banking, which is related to the cooperate banking and retail banking. 

In Investment Banking he explained the expertise you need in an investment where people need it. In every company there is Capital creation, which is one pillar, where you need to understand the right time and right need of it, to create money for the organizationMergers and Acquisition, where you need to merge and acquire with others to build an empire.  To be in this field you need to acquire highly-skilled, understand the Value, Price and of course Time. Underwriting of Debt and Securities, here they take guarantee and underwrite, for which you need to be highly skilled and understand the things at the right time.  

After the brief interactive discussion on Investment Banking, the topic was headed forward with the Forensic Accounting and Auditing.  In short, he mentioned, tat Forensic Accounting and Auditing deals and revolves in the Investigative event of any business. Explained the difference between forensic auditing and forensic accounting. 

At the last, He guided the audience about the destination path in this field and career path from entry-level to senior-most level. He helped the audience by providing some institutions name, where one can acquire the required skills. Abilities and skills required where explained. He shared the importance of this career and demand in India / Globally. He also guided the audience by showing some videos, which explained apart from just persuading education, one needs high skills and interest in it to become a great good Investment Banker and /or Forensic Accounting and Auditing. 

The session was concluded with a good positive response from the audience, as their doubts/ confusion in persuading this field were resolved. 

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