October 10, 2021

Career in the Merchant Navy: Scope, Skills, Jobs

What is Merchant Navy-

A Merchant Navy or Merchant Ship or Merchant Marine is a fleet of merchant ships registered in a particular country. On merchant navy ships, under the STCW (International Convention on Seafarers Training, Certification and Watch Standards), seafarers of various classes, and sometimes maritime trade unionists are required to carry merchant navy ship documents.

King George V bestowed the title of “merchant navy” to the British merchant fleet after their service in World War I. Since then, many other countries have adopted- either the title “merchant navy” or the similar use of “merchant navy”. This is a partial list of the merchant navy or merchant ship. In many countries, the proper noun for ‘fleet’ is simply an uppercase version of the common noun (merchant navy).

Reasons to join the Merchant Navy-

Here are some of the reasons to join the Merchant Navy:

1) Handsome Salary/Compensation Package:

The biggest appeal of the merchant navy is its reward bundle and pay ratio. The Merchant Navy is maintained by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Labour Organization (ILO).

2) Adventurous Lifestyle:

People spend money dangerously but don’t get it, but Merchant Navy has adventures and challenges. Merchant Navy is a job that will make your dreams worthwhile and fulfilling. For such a person can do a very nice job and enjoy adventure and good money. The merchant navy provides the best experience for those who pay the cost. With timeliness and management capabilities, as a merchant navy officer, you can continue an exceptional and increasingly profitable life. It is important that you engage in the volatile seas where your activities help you become very vigilant.

3) Very Long Vacations:

Since the activity of the merchant navy requires long working months, it offers a long length of reward as well. For this creamy thing, you can appreciate that you are able to sail on water as a Merchant Navy officer.

4) Various Adventurous Opportunities:

Merchant Navy takes care of several opportunities that can foster your adventurous passion. By exploring lands far from challenging at sea, you work and, at the same time, enjoy in the merchant navy. A merchant navy career is like having a daily adventure. It’s an adventurous life. Other routine tasks might include people who need to send 9 hours in the office. Merchant Navy is not for those who like 9 to 5 professions. Also, for a few days, merchant navy sailors might explore and see stunning sea views that inspire anything different.

5) More Exposure:

The work of the Merchant Navy, mostly, is exposed to a variety of crisis and incredible situations. This helps improve critical thinking and work better in tension as a merchant navy officer.

6) Diversity:

As a merchant navy, you will have the opportunity to invest energy with colleagues from different societies, foundations and nationalities. This is to give an encounter that you will never choose other activities on the planet.

7) Developing Teamwork:

Working for quite some time from the merchant navy with new companions shows a very sophisticated methodology, great relationship skills and a high degree of order. Over a considerable period of time, becoming a member of a merchant navy group will acquire a special identity change for any individual.

8) Tax Benefits:

Paying taxes is everyone’s responsibility. However, merchant navy ships are exempt from paying taxes if they meet the requirements for exemption. Merchant Navy Professionals are required to spend at least six months of service on board the ship. If so, the merchant navy professional is exempt from paying taxes for the specified fiscal year.

Roles & Responsibilities of a Merchant Navy Officer-
1) Those with a career as a Merchant Navy officer will monitor life-saving equipment such as firefighting equipment and lifeboats on board in accordance with strict health and safety guidelines and in compliance with everyone’s regulations.
2) A Merchant Navy officer is responsible for maintaining all legal and operational records of the vessel and checking the weather.
3) A Merchant Navy officer navigates reports, takes appropriate action, supervises the entire vessel’s machinery for routine use, and inspects the onboard mechanical and electrical equipment for smooth operation among others.

Skills to become a successful Merchant Navy Officer-

1) Coordination:

Coordination helps reduce conflicts, competition, losses, delays and other problems in the organization. Thus, smooth operation of a merchant navy officer is ensured. Merchant Navy officers can achieve their goals easily and effectively with the help of team collaboration. Some of the responsibilities of Merchant Navy officers include coordinating the safe loading, storage, and unloading of cargo, verifying the exploratory reports and taking appropriate measures etc. Thus, coordination is a must for merchant navy officers.

2) Management:

Merchant Navy officials might also need to manage the management and safety of passengers (when working on ferry / cruise ships), manage ship communication systems, and maintain legal and operational records such as ship logs and so on. Merchant Navy Officers need to achieve the set goals, which requires cooperation and coordination of the company’s activities. Management is also included as a factor of production for merchant navy officers, involving machines, equipment, and materials. Hence, management is a way of dealing, for a merchant navy officer, with or regulating an object or individual.

3) Supervision:

Merchant Navy officers might also need to oversee the operation and maintenance of deck machinery. Merchant Navy officers also supervise and maintain winch cranes, safety, firefighting, and life-saving equipment to monitor vessels that maintain the highest levels of health and safety. In general, supervisory roles of a merchant navy officer include work planning and scheduling, decision making, performance and compliance oversight, making recommendations and team configurations, and maintaining organizational performance etc.

4) Equipment Maintenance:

As merchant navy officers, operation and maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment on board ships, management of power generation and distribution systems, management of refrigeration plants, ventilation and pumping systems, and implementation of regular equipment inspections and maintenance programs are also required. The purpose of maintenance for a merchant navy officer is to demonstrate the best performance and efficiency of manufacturing processes, utilities and supporting infrastructure, in terms of satisfactory quality, safety and environmental protection at optimum cost etc.Thus, these are some of the skills of a successful merchant navy officer.

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Types of Merchant Navy

There are many kinds of merchant navy officers, however, below are 2 major types of merchant navy officers:
1) Deck Officials:

Merchant Navy Deck Officials are also known as nautical officers. A merchant navy deck official is responsible for manoeuvring the ship, nautical and communication control decisions. A merchant navy deck officer uses the state of art and GPS system to move the ship. He/she is responsible for monitoring the weather forecast and making important decisions when necessary. The position of merchant navy deck officers operated by executive agencies responsible for vessel navigation, strategy development and safe handling, communications, cargo handling and shipping, and potentially maintenance of all life-saving equipment is very important for cargo ships.

2) Engineering Officer:

The head of engineering is responsible for maintaining the machinery of the entire vessel or cruise. They oversee the operation of the propulsion fuel waste system. The ship is made of steel, and is subject to maintenance and periodic inspection because it is subjected to seawater. The ship itself is a floating city, passing huge engines and other machinery. Engineering managers oversee the functioning of all these machines.

Scope of Merchant Navy in India-

Merchant Navy ships are the centre of international trade that transports cargo around the world. Merchants employ a huge number of workers to carry and deliver goods from one country to another. If there are no merchant navy ships, most of the import and export businesses will be suspended!

A career in merchant navy is especially considered a travel bug bite and an attractive profession to people. Merchant Navy offers the opportunity to visit new exotic locations around the world. Merchant Navy careers are not only financially valuable, but also satisfying and quite challenging.

Overall Job Outlook for Merchant Navy in India-

The Merchant Navy has many ranges. There is a worldwide demand for merchant navy ship officers. As the world moved to a consumer-centered society, imports and exports increased in various ways. Most imports and exports are done by shipping companies, so you always need a merchant navy ship person. The starting salary for a merchant navy officer might be so attractive that merchant navy is a good choice for those who want a good starting salary and an adventurous life. The merchant navy career is growing smoothly. There are billions of dollars invested in the private sector of merchant navy. The number of boats and cruises for merchant navy is increasing. The pay packages offered in merchant navy might also be high compared to other industries.

The employment of Indian sailors, for merchant navy, on Indian and foreign merchant navy ships is growing exponentially. The growing number of merchant navy ship employment indicates that there is a huge demand for Indian technology worldwide, especially in the merchant navy. The most popular positions, in merchant navy, employed by Indians include navigators, sailing evaluations and engineers among others. According to the Ministry of Shipping, the number of merchant navy officers employed by Indian merchant navy national vessels increased from 22,103 in 2017 to 27,364 in 2018, and the number of merchant navy foreign vessels employed during the same period was around 61,000. The number of Indians on merchant navy ships has previously increased from 1,03,835 in 2013 to 1,26,945 in 2015.

India has secured a lot of capacity to provide classroom education for merchant navy ships, but there have been major restrictions on onboard provision of the Merchant Navy. The Ministry of Shipping made it mandatory for some institutions of merchant navy to also arrange onboard training. A policy shift was also made by establishing a training institution that not only educates students of the merchant navy in the classroom but also trains students on board. Mostly, the merchant navy officers are allowed onboard training of themselves and ratings of tugs and offshore merchant navy vessels to further free up onboard training slots for the Merchant Navy.

Various Universities/Institutes to for Merchant Navy aspirants:

Indian Maritime University, Chennai

Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune

Samudra Institute of Maritime Studies, Mumbai

Training Ship Chanakya, (Indian Maritime University Navi Mumbai Campus)

Marine Engineering and Research Institute, Kolkata
And many more!!

Thus, like many people, you may have thought of a career in the merchant navy as being a life on the ocean waves, far away from home for months at a time in the merchant navy. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, a career in the merchant navy can be a great option for many different people across the country, even those who live on the coast. We hope that this article has helped you understand a little bit more about merchant navy, reason to join the merchant navy, job outlook for a merchant navy officer, some of the top colleges & universities for merchant navy, what you can expect from a career in the merchant navy etc.

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