August 21, 2016

Career Journey: Ticket to where?

Imagine going on a long journey. You have to decide a destination and then buy the ticket. So you take a decision and go to buy your ticket. You see many counters, a few of those counters are having long queues, most of them headed to crowded hill stations, where there is huge tourist attraction.

The choices are as follows: –
Go to a crowded famous destination, pay huge price for accommodation, food etc. and put up a status update on social media claiming your visit there. OR   Go to a beautiful place not much heard of or visited by too many people, but where you get value for your money, and enjoy your stay, albeit less crowd, but fantastic quality of life.

Career choices and decisions are similar:
Do you want to choose a career that is conventional, crowded, huge cost for coaching classes, and very popular though not very highly paying except for a few people right on the top?   OR   Choose a career that is unpopular, but really satisfying and something that will keep you happy and enthusiastic. Well, these niche careers are better paying too, if you are thinking about remunerations.

Dheya career mentors aligns your child’s natural personality strengths to possible areas in the world of work where the probability of reaching the zenith is maximum, but most importantly, happiness would definitely be the maximum. There are 22000 occupations to choose from, so why run behind some conventional career streams, when there are better options available. So look beyond and find your mojo early in life and aim to soar really high in your career.


  1. Ashok Menon 2016-08-26 at 3:41 am - Reply

    I agree

  2. Ramesh Juneja 2016-08-26 at 5:29 am - Reply

    I am in full agreement

  3. Mike Adams 2016-09-30 at 7:35 am - Reply

    You have make it understand career planing with great example. There are different things to be consider while selecting career. choosing the suitable one get take you to the success path. Thanks for sharing keep sharing your blog with more information.

  4. Amitabh Singh 2016-10-31 at 1:41 am - Reply

    In Complete Agreement!
    Unfortunately, we heed the least to the career decisions one of the most important decisions of life and go by the herd mentality.
    A proper planning which takes into account an Individual’s Abilities, Interest & Personality along with his family values and maps it to the available occupations could make him a lifelong super achiever in his area of work.
    The world needs visionaries and leaders more than ever before and the career selection cannot be left to a chance!

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