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The mind is like a parachute,
It works best when it is OPEN.
So Choose a CAREER with an OPEN MIND!”

About me

My journey from Engineering to Mentoring has been full of learning as well as challenging opportunities. I graduated as a Production Engineer in 1989 from Mumbai University. I worked in multiple industries and sectors for 30+ years, covering areas like manufacturing, EPC Design & Project Management (Water Treatment Industry), IT Consulting, Project & Portfolio Management, Quality Assurance, People Management, Training, and Mentoring. 

During this tenure, I gained experience working with clients across geographies, including India, NA, Europe, and southeast Asia, with a team size ranging from 50 to 500+. It helped me develop an analytical mind, the ability to collaborate, an empathetic approach, and the urge to help others succeed. I decided to move out of a corporate job ahead of retirement age to follow my passions:

  • Working with the younger generation to mentor and coach them and                 
  • Volunteering for a social cause in the diverse social structure of society. 

Daily Dose of Knowledge

Whom I Can Help

  • Parents

  • School Students

  • College Students

  • Early Career Professionals

  • Mid-Career Professionals
  • Business Owners

Why should you do career planning

Why you need to plan career

Why Dheya

  • Wrong Investment in Education = Zero Returns

  • Unplanned Investment = Anxious parents

  • Unclear Students = Worried Parents

  • Unplanned Careers = Mediocre Life

  • Unaware Parents = Ill-informed Career Choices

  • Dheya’s intellectual property & research

  • Nation wide community of mentors

  • Personalised & Documented one on one sessions

  • Not just guidance but – “Mentor for life”

  • Link outcome of guidance into occupations

Request a Call back

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Services I Provide for My Mentees

Dheya Compass

Career Guidance Program
For School Students

Dheya Discover

Career Guidance Program
For College Students

Dheya Cast-Off

Early Career Design
For 25-30 Age Group professionals

Dheya Revive

Mid-Career Planning
For 31+ Age Group Professionals


Results I have