November 24, 2018

Career Mentor In Ahmedabad – Dr. Parag Shah

Dr Parag Shah has completed his B.E. Mechanical, from Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University and Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidyalaya. He is a Doctorate in Management with specialization in Business Management.
Dr Parag has accomplished professional career of more than two decades and at present, He is Global Market Head for a Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturing company. Dr Parag has worked for promoting and establishing business in India for various industry giants like Spirax Sarco – UK, Kronha – France, Sampell Babcock – Germany, Ashima Textiles – India, Dandrea Tools – Italy, Vac-U-Max – USA, Matcon / IDEX – UK / USA, Capital Refractory – UK, Tegutech – Italy, Moore Controllers – USA, Watson Marlow – UK, Flow Sciences – USA, Ferromatik Milacron – USA, and many more. He has extensive exposure to various industries like Sugar, Oil and Refinery, Solvent Extraction, Rubber, Food and Beverages, Pharmaceuticals etc. Dr Parag had been actively involved from digging phase of Reliance Refinery & ESSAR refinery from conception to distribution of utilities within plants. Dr Parag has been involved with food and pharma industries for almost two decades and has been propagating non human intervention in material handling. He has been instrumental in development of new molecules, new plants for drug manufacturing and thereby creating best working facilities in India. Dr Parag is a regular speaker at many forums and is very passionate about optimal delivery with reduced cost. Dr Parag has been having keen interest in mentoring and has been a strong mentor for his juniors in all his professional life. He has keen sense of observation and excellent connection with individuals and therefore is a very effective counselor. He joined Dheyaism four years back and is one of the Master Mentor of Dheya.
Dr Parag says :
For me Dheya is a way to get pure scientific solutions for everything related to Career Planning including Mid Career Crisis. We at Dheya are creating Happy lives around us with smiles on faces of parents and kids. Life is not always about your own achievements, but it is also about helping others achieve their dreams. In many ways I am able to help children achieve their dreams through Dheya and that is my biggest reward. I had an life-enriching experience when I held a session for a child who was from family of doctors, however the child was not keen on m medicine. When I delivered the session,I was able to specify the intrinsic strengths of the child and align them with demands of various careers. The parents were surely amazed seeing the accurate personality strengths and profusely thanked me for giving them great insight into their own child. The mother and child both were finally able to chart out a mutually agreeable path for the child. The happiness on face of parents was like winning an award in public. Thanks To DHEYATools created after so many years of research!! Dheya is a meant to create happy lives and in turn Happy World!!
Team Dheya is proud to be associated with Dr Parag Shah & thanks him for spreading Dheyaism.

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