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There are two steps to success
1) Start Now
2) Never Quit

– My approach to every challenge I face

About me

A Sales and Marketing professional, an Author, a Certified Coach, a Visiting Faculty in Customer Relationship Management, and a Blogger with Over two decades of experience in workplace mentoring, coaching and people development, Building Customer Relationships, Reshaping the market, and building differentiated brands Giving back to society and academia by way of teaching and writing book, thus shaping future leadership.

– Mark Twain

Daily Dose of Knowledge

Whom I Can Help

  • Parents

  • School Students

  • College Students

  • Early Career Professionals

  • Mid-Career Professionals
  • Business Owners

Why should you do career planning

Why you need to plan career

Why Dheya

  • Wrong Investment in Education = Zero Returns

  • Unplanned Investment = Anxious parents

  • Unclear Students = Worried Parents

  • Unplanned Careers = Mediocre Life

  • Unaware Parents = Ill-informed Career Choices

  • Dheya’s intellectual property & research

  • Nation wide community of mentors

  • Personalised & Documented one on one sessions

  • Not just guidance but – “Mentor for life”

  • Link outcome of guidance into occupations

Request a Call back

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Services I Provide for My Mentees

Dheya Compass

Career Guidance Program
For School Students

Dheya Discover

Career Guidance Program
For College Students

Dheya Cast-Off

Early Career Design
For 25-30 Age Group professionals

Dheya Revive

Mid-Career Planning
For 31+ Age Group Professionals


Results I have helped create

I & my parents found my mentor’s career planning & development session extremely helpful. I have had great success in my career path ever since. I have enrolled to do a Bachelors in Business Mgmt. at Wellington. I have also started interning in an HR Assistant role. I love my field of work, and am really excited about starting my course. It’s great to finally have some direction in my career. I would strongly recommend a career modeler or a career guidance mentor to anyone who is unsure of what they want to do in life.