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“”Where there is great Love, there are always Miracles”

– My motto

About me

Vidya is an Electronics Engineering graduate, worked in the Information Technology industry for more than 21 years. She had been a consistent award-winning Project Management professional for the key roles she played in major Billing Product transformation Projects. Her rendezvous with Dheya a few years back triggered her interest in Psychology and a delightful path towards self-awareness. She is currently a Life Coach (certified for ICF PCC Path), Dheya Career Mentor, and Psychologist-in-the-making – all put together in making a positive impact and giving back to society.

Daily Dose of Knowledge

Whom I Can Help

  • Parents

  • School Students

  • College Students

  • Early Career Professionals

  • Mid-Career Professionals
  • Business Owners

Why should you do career planning

Why you need to plan career

Why Dheya

  • Wrong Investment in Education = Zero Returns

  • Unplanned Investment = Anxious parents

  • Unclear Students = Worried Parents

  • Unplanned Careers = Mediocre Life

  • Unaware Parents = Ill-informed Career Choices

  • Dheya’s intellectual property & research

  • Nation wide community of mentors

  • Personalised & Documented one on one sessions

  • Not just guidance but – “Mentor for life”

  • Link outcome of guidance into occupations

Request a Call back

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Services I Provide for My Mentees

Dheya Compass

Career Guidance Program
For School Students

Dheya Discover

Career Guidance Program
For College Students

Dheya Cast-Off

Early Career Design
For 25-30 Age Group professionals

Dheya Revive

Mid-Career Planning
For 31+ Age Group Professionals


What my Mentees Say

Being in Class XII during this pandemic period; I always had in my mind on selecting the right career option for my child based on his strengths. Dheya was the right platform for me to have my son’s key strengths structurally identified thru a systematic assessment. There were a lot of eye-openers for me and my son to learn areas where we could leverage our strengths better. More than anything: it gave me a confidence boost for my son. Interacting with Ms. Vidhya after the assessments to explain the outcomes was very enriching for us. The way she explained and gave depth to the assessment feedback was indeed commendable. As part of the assessment – the presentation back to Vidhya on the key areas was again a morale booster to my son as he was independently playing on his strengths to reaffirm the assessment feedback Overall; a very wholesome experience with Dheya and thanks to Ms Vidhya to have guided us and taken thru the entire assessment

Mrs. Nitya, Parent, Chennai

I am very grateful to have found out about Dheya and Mrs Vidhya as I am very clear on my career path now. It makes it so much easier for me to focus on my future goals and prepare for them. She listened to every query of mine and everything else that I had to say with utter patience and answered them- while also making me feel very comfortable. I found it very easy to talk to her about my fears and apprehensions. Aside from education, she also gave me a lot of tips on good life skills to have. Overall, I am extremely happy to have done these sessions and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for some help with their career paths.

Divya, Student, Chennai

I approached Dheya to help my son studying IX std with career counseling, choosing the right subjects, goal setting, etc. We were counseled by Vidya from Dheya. Her experience in this was very evident from the way our questions were answered. She was very professional and intuitive in her counseling approach. This helped my son open up his thoughts and proactively participate in the counseling. We benefitted from Dheya’s Counselling material and the expert handling of it by Vidya. I recommended and will recommend Dheya to my friends and relatives as we are convinced that this will help kids in High School discover their skills, motivate them to achieve higher, introduce them to a career roadmap, teach them goal setting, and feel positive in themselves. Thanks, Dheya. Thanks Vidya

-Balavelan, Parent, Australia