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Set Destinations, Build Personalised Paths, Design a dream


Create Positive Beliefs, Build Strength-based and immense possibility Mindsets


Great Careers are not built in a day. Our Mentors walk along to Inspire, Motivate, Hand Hold & Mentor.


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  • Dheya believes in the concept of a “Mentor for Life”. Our core focus in a mentor-mentee relationship is bringing out the key strengths of an individual and aligning them in such a way that the mentee prospers in his career for the rest of his life.

  • Our vast mentor network includes engineers, researchers, writers, marketers, Defence Personnel, Government Employees, School Principals, Career Counsellors, Psychologists, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Financial Planners, Bloggers, Freelancers, and consultants from leading companies along with startups and mid-sized enterprises too.

  • Dheya’s thorough vetting process ensures the highest quality mentors for our mentees and learners. Our mentors come from 20+ different industries and live across 15+ countries, encompassing diverse knowledge and perspectives.

Certification Program to Mentor Students & Professionals

Who is it for?

Aspiring Career Counselors, Advisors, life coaches, career Consultants, educators, mentors etc..

Why you should become a mentor

Make a difference in society with the Mentoring skills, Experience, and knowledge you Have

Hone your leadership skills through hands-on mentoring experience and our Mentor Training Programme

Get featured as a guest speaker on our dheya Social Platforms, webinar, and podcasts

Earn gratuity through One on one Mentoring, Social and corporate projects. A Career with No Retirement Age


It’s changing: Personalized mentoring will be a norm.


1.Teaching Quality exposed.

2.Tutoring platforms have a credibility challenge.

3.Emergence of home schooling and alternative education.

4.Middle-class spending more on education than ever before.

5. Staying Updated is a key to career Growth.

6. Mismatched work is affecting Personal Peace.

7. Companies Need Youth. What Would Seniors Do?

8. Stagnancy in skills is creating MID- CAREER Crisis. They Need Help.

9. Ageing vs work vs personal liability.

10. Uncertainties in jobs and irregularity in income is a biggest concern.


1.Rapid search for development beyond education.

2.Growing Number of home schoolers and open schoolers.

3.Love for academics is dwindling.

4.Parents are getting more concerned with the child’s interest.

5.Freelance skill-based careers are emerging.

6.Growth in number of Single parents

7.Parents are getting busier day by day.