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Why Personalized Mentoring is crucial for your child's success?

Education becoming too generic, uninspiring, and overly standardized.

Students being ‘taught’ rather than ‘learning’ in today’s education system

Uninspiring, standardized education failing to engage and inspire students.

Fear-based, grades-driven education falling short in today’s world.

Grades-driven education disconnected from the realities of the workplace.

Lack of outcome focus leading to inadequate preparation for the working world.

Massive investment in education fails to guarantee strong entry into the workplace.

Young people filled with potential but lacking guidance and support.

Parents struggling to keep up with their children’s changing goals and aspirations.

More reasons to select a Proven Career Mentoring Program for your Child ?

Education has just become a game of trials

  • Degrees acquired. low application.

  • Question mark on employability, trainability, productivity, and performance.

  • Dwindling income levels and delayed stability.

Mis-directed energies

  • Time is lost in searching, rather than finding a clear path.

  • Big dreams of young minds are becoming harder to realize.

  • Unwilling de-focused, inconsistent efforts in developing self.

  • Disengaged in education and employment.

Stop looking for just an online career counseling. Experience the Benefits of Holistic Career Development with a Mentor: A Stronger, More Stable and Secure Future for Your Child“.

NorthStar ⭐ A Holistic Mentoring Program that Shapes the Perfect Career Path for Your Child👦👧

“At Dheya, we understand the importance of having a mentor for life. That’s why we created the North Star Program, a comprehensive mentoring program that guides students in setting and achieving their goals. Our career mentoring for school children goes beyond just education, and helps prepare your child for challenges in both their academic and professional lives.

Through the North Star Program, your child will not only grow as a professional, but also as a person. Our mentor will work with both you and your child to create a personalized career plan, and provide the necessary skills, values, and confidence needed to make their dream career a reality.

If you’re looking for a holistic program to help your child develop and succeed, Dheya North Star is the perfect choice.”

Define meaningful life & Career goals