March 7, 2022

Career Objectives: Why are they Important?

What Are Career Objectives?

You might have heard of the term career objectives in the context of writing a CV. Objectives usually refer to goals or aims. The basic principle of efficiency says that it is important to set a goal before doing anything else. This is because setting a goal and then finding a path to fulfill it is the most efficient way to achieve success. It will optimize decision-making. Having a solid goal in your sight will help you stay focused and avoid distractions.

Setting a solid and sustainable career objective will help you make the right choices in order to reach your ultimate personal or financial goal. It will provide a personal incentive that will help you work hard. This is important, especially in terms of your career. Not setting career objectives will lead to the disorganized and half-hearted effort.  
You should know what you’re working towards. Having a solid direction will avoid errors and confusion. Setting a career objective is also a good motivator.

Long Term Goals in Career

Long-term goals take several years to achieve. They should be specific and decisive. An example of a long-term goal would be, “In 10 years I want to become a Doctor and have my own clinic”. This is a goal that will take many years to achieve. And even though it is not final, it is an end that I should work towards. Hence, career objectives can be thought of as long-term career goals. How should these goals be set? 

Figuring out your career goals requires some amount of imagination. You might have heard interviewers asking “ Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”. The purpose of this question is to test your dedication and vision. The interviewer is always looking for a candidate that gives them precise answers that match the candidate’s abilities, and motivation. The question is, How do you set a vision? How do you find your long term goal?

For starters, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of lifestyle will I be living? 
  • What kind of money will I be making? 
  • What will be the nature of my job? 
  • What position will I be working in? 
  • Is there any specific organization that I want to be part of? 

This way, you can start building a vision for your future. With this vision, you can set priorities till that long-term goal is accomplished. For example, if I envision myself making a lot of money as a doctor, I can decide to opt for Biology in my 11th year, and start studying for NEET.  The vision of me as a doctor will also help me through the years of difficult studying. Hence, setting career objectives as long-term goals not only helps in decision making but helps me make an effort in an effective and efficient manner.  

Short Term Goals 

Short-term goals are steps that should be taken in order to achieve long-term goals. They usually refer to a relatively short frame of time. It could be a day, week, month, or year. Setting short-term goals is a way of making sure that you stay on the path to your long-term goals. For example, if I want to become a doctor, my short-term goal would be to do well in my NEET exam. Similarly, a short-term goal to excel in my NEET exam could be building and following a study schedule. Completing many such short-term goals will lead me to a successful career and make me an efficient professional.

Career objectives in CV 

Having career objectives is a sign of efficiency and decisiveness. This is something that an employer will look for in his employee. This is the reason why career objectives are an important part of your resume. They are an indicator of your nature and character as a professional. Now that you have figured out your career objectives, write it on your CV in an affirmative manner. You should state what you aspire to do. Your dream job, the position you want to be in, and the work you want to do, all need to be represented on your resume! 

This will show determination. It will show that you are a motivated person who is clear about their future. Following is an example.
Career Objective: To be a Senior Project Manager that handles his team with good leadership skills and administrative excellence. 

Your objectives while applying for colleges or internships can also state your short-term goals.
Career Objective: To be a senior Project Manager that handles his team with good leadership skills and administrative excellence. Looking for an administration summer internship at a unique organization. 


Hence, career objectives are an important part of decision making. The services offered at Dheya make use of this very principle in order to help you achieve your objective. It is okay to be confused about where you are going to be in a few years. What is important is thinking in the right direction. With help like this, you will reach a decision. The conflict of not knowing what to do can severely hamper your progress. Dheya can help you with your career objectives and give you a clean path to success. 

– Saee Walkikar

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