June 15, 2016

Career Planning is not about Education, its about Life !!

Dear Parent,

Is your child indecisive and relies on you for taking decisions? Do you also believe that you are very loving and affectionate and want to help your child always whenever he asks for it? Children are very adaptive and especially as they reach teenage, they are generally street smart and sense the environment pretty quickly.

What your child believes in is very important. Do you want your child to believe that he/ she is not good enough and may not be able to make it big in life, just based on marks obtained in the examinations, or on opinions of people around you? Do you as a parent believe that marks are the only way to success in career?

Would you like to understand the true potential of your child and steer him/ her towards excellence in life and be a super-achiever in life? How many times have you really appreciated your child for what is inherently there in him/ her, and understood their real unique strengths?

We are positive psychologists who unravel and unleash the true potential of children by showing them their unique strengths and talents, and connect them up to the world of work to show what they can become in life. A conscious and well thought of career goal with a clear well-defined career and education path is the next step. This has to be followed by rigorous practice and preparation to be the best in the world in the chosen career goal. Dheya follows a scientific and systematic process to plan and develop your child’s career. We have a grand vision to impact 1.64 crore children in the next ten years and make them the super-achievers of our Young India.

Call Dheya now and book your tickets for this golden journey to great successful and fulfilling lives of your children.

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  1. nisha gupta 2017-09-14 at 6:24 am - Reply

    Hi, Very nice post. Really informative posts. Keep posting this kind of useful post. Thank you..

  2. Anita 2020-07-15 at 11:33 am - Reply

    Thank you. Your advice helped me to get my daughter admitted to one of the best universities of India-JK Lkashmipat Universit, Jaipur. Currently, she is pursuing the pinnacle MBA course which is India’s one of the most experiential learning programs. e wound not have made this sound decision if not for counseling from your side.

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