August 2, 2020

Careers In Fine Arts

The session started with our moderatorMs. Bhavana Thakkar and our speaker Mr. Vihar Bhagwat.Ms. Bhavana gave a brief introduction of Mr. Vihar Bhagwat. The session was continued with Vihar mentioning about the options available for the teenagers in today’s era. He began with the topic Design. He shared his journey in this field. He helped the youth to understand the vision behind this to pursue this as their career. He explained about the importance of the good design, the wrong design would take to the wrong impact on the public, with some real examples. Also, he mentioned about successful stories about right design. He gave examples like, – Apple, BMW mini cooper, etc.  

He explored on the topics in designing field like, interior design, communication design, apparel design, IT design and other options. He disclosed some leading career’s in designing with detail information of current trending career with a futuristic career as well.  He briefed on sustainable designs. He also showed how relevant designs are been taken from nature. He also explored the topics of useful behavioral traits. He mentioned the need to have the vision to be a good designer, and what aesthetics, skills, etc. one requires to pursue this as a career. 

He further helped the audience by explaining how to start Design Education, disclosed some courses, certifications available and the institutions that provide the right skills to take up design as a career. Some entrance exam options were explained.  

The session was concluded with a great discussion with the audience. Vihar guided the teenagers planning to pursue their career in designing with their queries and informed them on how to achieve their goal in designing. 

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