February 11, 2021

Careers in Information Technology: SAP Analytics

Well, when we talk about careers in information technology, it may sound similar to counting curries with Onions. So widely spread, into different tiers, technologies, hybrids and conglomerate in nature as today, the word information technology is linked with almost anything under the sun, from the manufacturing of precession needles to High Tech, inter planetary rockets.

Needless to say that it takes separate blogs to cover each and hence in this blog let’s try to explore career opportunities in Analytics, with special emphasis on SAP.
Analytics, as the name indicates is related to the analysis of data and a methodically persistent mind would naturally deem to fit for such careers. SAP is the Pioneer in ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning ).

SAP, a German outfit has acquired a number of Analytically inclined software companies and as a result has a string of Analytical tools in the offering in the likes of

  1. SAP BI
  2. SAP Fiori
  3. SAP Lumira
  4. Business Objects
  5. SAP Leonardo

Etc, etc……

Anybody who is high in patience and diligence would be able to cash in here and with high dividends.

Patience, Steadiness, methodical, Meticulous, Procedural, careful, etc are a few of the personal traits required here.

This information technology career is futuristic and fast progressing with the advent of AI, Machine Learning and Cloud-based technologies blending in and also offer one of the best renumerations in the Industry.

Anybody with a degree, preferably in Engineering or a PG in Computer Science possessing the above-mentioned traits should be able to successfully purse this Career.

An entry into the Industry may require an SAP Certification with at least 02 years of experience. Freshers or campus recruits may be an exemption. The Certification is a bit costly but SAP offers courses free of cost under Open SAP, an online training facility of SAP, where all courses, including the latest as well as futuristic are tagged under a single umbrella. Seekers can register here free of cost and start attending Courses as per schedule.  The server access may invoke a cost. Once successfully completed SAP would issue an Open SAP Certificate, of value.

That’s it for now. Will be back shortly with yet another exciting blog on Careers in Analytics.

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