Careers In Fine Arts

The session started with our moderator, Ms. Bhavana Thakkar and our speaker Mr. Vihar Bhagwat.Ms. Bhavana gave a brief introduction of Mr. Vihar Bhagwat. The session was continued with Vihar mentioning about the options available for the teenagers in [...]

Knowledge Based Futuristic Careers in Technology

(a) Data Science  A quick introduction about speaker Vishwatosh Tripathi was given by Rekha CP. Vishwatosh Tripathi gave a brief introduction about Data Science.  Later on, Vishwatosh Tirpathi explained about work profile and growth in the field of Data Science. The beginning, mid and leadership [...]

Food Science and Agriculture Based Futuristic Careers

The Session started with a brief introduction of the moderator Paresh Kamat by himself. Next, he introduced everyone to the speaker Dr. Padma Sahoo.  Dr.Padma Sahoo shared her career [...]

Futuristic Careers in Healthcare & Medical including Pharmacy & Nursing

The Session started with a brief introduction of our speaker Doc (Wgcdr) A Nagasubramaniam by our moderator Madhura Bhide. Later on, the session was taken [...]